64 Best Theme Parks in Florida

We pulled out all the stops for this best theme parks in Florida guide! It showcases a wide range of parks suited for various interests. It includes world-renowned destinations like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, known for their immersive experiences and iconic attractions.

The guide also features specialty parks like Busch Gardens, with its African wildlife theme, and Legoland, tailored for younger children with its interactive Lego-themed rides. Additionally, it covers water parks like Volcano Bay, offering a tropical escape.

Each park’s description includes key features, location, and what makes it stand out, making it the most valuable resource for planning your next Florida theme park visit.

Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari in Florida

Lion Country Safari, located in Loxahatchee, Florida, is a unique drive-through safari and amusement park hybrid. Established in 1967, visitors can explore 600 acres of wilderness through a four-mile drive, observing animals as they roam free in seven large reserves. The park is divided into different zones imitating various global habitats, promoting animal conservation and education.

Location2003 Lion Country Safari Rd, Loxahatchee, Florida 33470
Operating HoursOpen Daily from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, from Tuesday to Monday
Ticket PricesRegular tickets for ages 10 and older are $49 plus tax, Child tickets for ages 3-9 are $37 plus tax, and children aged 2 and under enter for free.
Main AttractionsDrive-through Safari, Safari World Walk-through, Rides & Games, Animal Feeding, etc.
MapLion Country Safari Map

With over 900 animals, the Lion Country Safari offers an exceptional and intuitive way for guests to learn about different species. The park also provides a range of activities, including feeding giraffes, boat tours, mini-golf, and water spray ground for children. A great educational destination for all ages, the Lion Country Safari promises a delightful adventure.

Everglades Wonder Gardens

Everglades Wonder Gardens in Florida

Everglades Wonder Gardens is a renowned tropical oasis and cultural gem of Bonita Springs, Florida. Established in 1936, the 3.5-acre botanical jungle offers visitors a chance to encounter nature in a historic setting. The garden showcases exotic plants, rescued birds, and reptiles, including alligators, flamingos, and parrots.

Location27180 Old 41 Rd, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135
Operating Hours9 AM to 3 PM daily, from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdult Park Admission $12 for ages 13-64, Child Park Admission $7 for ages 3-12, Senior Park Admission $10 for ages 65 and older, with free admission for children under 3 years. For military and first responders, the prices are $10 for adults (ages 13-64), $5 for children (ages 3-12), and $8 for seniors (ages 65 and over).
Main AttractionsBotanical Gardens, Bird Exhibit, Reptile Exhibit, Alligator Pool
MapEverglades Wonder Gardens Map

Everglades Wonder Gardens is unique in its commitment to wildlife rehabilitation, with a focus on birds and reptiles. Over the years, it has helped nurture and rehabilitate multiple local and exotic species, offering them a safe haven. In addition, the garden encourages environmental education and conservation actions among its visitors, making it a popular destination for families and school trips.

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society in Florida

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a 23-acre lush tropical habitat housing more than 500 animals of more than 190 species from all over the world. It is one of the top-rated zoos because of its mission to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat and inspire others to value and conserve the natural world. The zoo maintains endangered plant and animal species to ensure their continual existence.

Location1301 Summit Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Operating Hoursopen daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the last admission ticket sold at 4:15 p.m.
Ticket Pricesstart at $28.95 for adults, $26.95 for seniors (60+), and $22.95 for children (3-12), with toddlers (0-2) admitted for free
Main AttractionsTiger River, Tropics of the Americas, Australian Outback, Florida Wetlands
MapPalm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Map

Visitors get an exhilarating and educational experience as they observe and engage with various animal and plant species. The Palm Beach Zoo offers events and programs such as animal encounters, nighttime events, camps, and behind-the-scenes experiences that remain memorable to visitors of all ages. Furthermore, the zoo stands firm in its commitment to global conservation efforts, most notably through its partnership with the Malayan Tiger SSP program.

Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo

Situated in Gainesville, Florida, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is a unique educational institution where students receive in-depth training in zoo animal technology. Encompassing 10 acres, the AZA-accredited facility houses over 70 species and several hundred animals. It offers both an engaging public attraction and a learning experience for students.

Location 3000 NW 83rd Street, Gainesville, FL 32606
Operating Hours 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Wednesday through Sunday
Ticket Prices $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for children (4-12), Free for children 3 and under
Main Attractions Asiatic-clawed Otter exhibit, Bald Eagles, White-handed Gibbon, and Australian Walkabout
Website www.sfcollege.edu/zoo
Map Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo Map

Guided by a philosophy of hands-on education, the Teaching Zoo offers students the opportunity to work directly with a wide range of animals and gain practical experience in animal care, conservation, and education. For visitors, it provides an intimate zoo experience with a variety of species, from mammals and birds to reptiles and amphibians.

Gulf Breeze Zoo

Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is an enjoyable family destination located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Spanning over 50 acres, the zoo is home to a vast diversity of wildlife, comprising over 800 animals representing over 90 different species. With a whole host of attractions and exhibits, the zoo provides an opportunity to come up close and personal with the animals while providing informative and educational presentations.

Location5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563
Operating Hours9 AM to 4 PM daily, from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults (13-64) at $27.95, Seniors (65+) at $25.95, Children (2-12) at $20.95, with free admission for those under 2. Additionally, Military and Law Enforcement receive a 15% discount with ID, and groups of 15 or more get $1 off each ticket.
Main AttractionsFeed Station, Petting Area, Safari Express Train, Primate Exhibit, Reptile Exhibit
MapGulf Breeze Zoo Map

The Gulf Breeze Zoo offers a unique blend of fun and learning by providing opportunities such as feeding animals, petting farm animals, children’s rides, and an exciting trip on the Safari Express Train. They also participate in several introduction programs, which adds a conservation angle to the zoo experience. The Gulf Breeze Zoo certainly offers a full day out for families or individual animal lovers who wish to get a guided glimpse into the animal kingdom.

Alligator Farm Zoological Park

Alligator Farm Zoological Park in Florida

The Alligator Farm Zoological Park in St. Augustine, Florida is a renowned wildlife preserve with thousands of varied species, including the rare Albino Alligator. In this park, visitors can experience various reptiles, mammals, and birds in their natural environment, engage in numerous exciting activities such as zip-lining over alligator-coated marshlands, and attend wildlife shows.

Location999 Anastasia Blvd, St. Augustine, Florida 32080
Operating Hours9 AM to 5 PM daily, open every day of the week from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults (ages 12+) $35.99, Children (ages 3-11) $20.99, Adults in wheelchairs (ages 12+) $17.99, Children in wheelchairs (ages 3-11) $10.49. Members of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park have free admission.
Main AttractionsRookery, Python Cave, Maximo (largest animal), Albino Alligators
MapAlligator Farm Zoological Park Map

The park is both educationally enriching and fun-filled, with its wildlife presentations, feeding demonstrations, and hands-on encounters. The interactive displays in the park ensure that visitors of all ages have a rewarding and enriching wildlife adventure. Also, the park is fully accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), an organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. In short, a trip to the Alligator Farm Zoological Park is an unmatched wildlife experience.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami in Florida

Zoo Miami, also known as The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida. It is renowned for providing animals with habitats close to their natural setting, promoting wildlife conservation, and imparting education to its visitors.

Location12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, Florida 33177
Operating Hoursopen every day of the week, from Wednesday to Tuesday, with operating hours from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Ticket PricesAdult Admission at $22.95 for ages 13 and older, Child Admission at $18.95 for ages 3-12, with children 2 and younger free.
Main AttractionsAfrica U, Amazon & Beyond, Asia, Australia, Children’s Zoo, Critter Connection, Florida: Mission Everglades
MapZoo Miami Map

Zoo Miami houses over 3,000 animals from 500 different species, including rare and endangered ones. Visitors can enjoy various interactive experiences, such as feeding giraffes, riding camels, and getting close to Indian rhinos. There are also many exhibits, including a tropical rainforest, a cloud forest, an Amazon river, an Asian river, and a Florida Everglades replicate.

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo

Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo in Florida

Located in Christmas, Florida, Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo offers visitors an exciting showcase of Florida’s native wildlife, fauna, and luscious wilderness. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, this park features a variety of exotic animals, informative tours, and numerous educational presentations for an overall immersive experience.

Location26205 East Colonial Drive, Christmas, Florida 32709
Operating Hours9:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily, from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults (ages 12 to 59) $29.95, Seniors (ages 60 and over) $22.95, and Children (ages 3-11) $17.95, all plus tax. Children under 3 can enter for free.
Main AttractionsGator Feeding, Jungle Swamp Cruise, Tropical Bird Aviary, Native American Village
MapJungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo Map

The park also features a rare, untouched piece of Florida’s majestic beauty- Christmas Swamp. Here, visitors can enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere away from the state’s urban hustle and bustle, making Jungle Adventures Nature Park & Zoo a must-visit location for those wanting to experience the natural and cultural heritage of Florida.

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon in Florida

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon is a family-friendly water park located in Naples, Florida. With a variety of water slides, pools, and lazy rivers, this park offers a day full of excitement for guests of all ages. Children can enjoy the interactive water adventures at Turtle Cove and Tadpole Pool, while adults can relax at Sunny’s River or brave the thrilling drops of the park’s five slides. The park caters to everyone’s needs, from relaxation to excitement.

Location15000 Livingston Rd, Naples, Florida 34109
Operating HoursOpen Every Day 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Ticket PricesFree for ages 0-3, $13.00 (+tax) for those over 48″ tall, $6.00 (+tax) for those under 48″ tall, $11.00 (+tax) for Collier residents, $9.00 (+tax) for seniors (60 and over), and $8.00 (+tax) for military personnel.
Main AttractionsTurtle Cove, Tadpole Pool, Sunny’s River, Five exciting slides
MapSun-N-Fun Lagoon Map

In terms of refreshments, the park features Sunny’s Snack Shack providing a range of food and drinks to keep visitors fueled during their visit. Lifeguards are present throughout the park to ensure the safety of all visitors. The park also offers private cabana rentals for those seeking a personalized experience. Sun-N-Fun Lagoon has established itself as a go-to destination for fun-filled water adventures in Naples.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens in Florida

The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is a historic and beloved zoological garden nestled within a 44-acre botanical garden. This well-renowned attraction in Naples, Florida, has been providing interactive and educational experiences for visitors, fostering human connections with nature for over 50 years. It is an AZA-accredited zoo, meaning it meets the highest standards of animal care, conservation, and education.

Location 1590 Goodlette-Frank Road, Naples, FL 34102
Operating Hours 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Daily)
Ticket Prices Adults (13-64): $22.95, Seniors (65+): $21.95, Children (3-12): $14.95, Under 3: Free
Main Attractions Alligator Bay, Lyon’s Pavilion, Panther Glade, Tiger Forest, Primate Expedition Cruise
Website www.napleszoo.org
Map Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens Map

The zoo hosts a range of exciting animal shows and presentations, including the “Meet the Keeper” program which gives visitors insight into the daily lives of animals and their caregivers. It is also committed to wildlife conservation efforts and leads programs focused on Florida panthers, lions, and Malagasy animals, among others. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is a must-see destination, boasting a blend of tropical fauna, rare and beautiful animals, and enriching educational experiences.

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo in Florida

Located in the heart of Tampa, Florida, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to conservation and is known for its interactive exhibits, educational programs, and animal rehabilitation efforts. The zoo spans 63 acres and is home to over 1,100 animals from around the world. It is recognized by Child Magazine as one of the top family-friendly zoos in the United States.

Location1101 W Sligh Ave, Tampa, Florida 33604
Operating Hours9:30 AM to 5 PM daily, from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesPricing is $47.95 for ages 12 and up, and $37.95 for ages 3 to 11.
Main AttractionsAfrica Safari, Wallaroo Station children’s zoo, Florida Wildlife Center, Primate World, Asian Gardens
MapTampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Map

With its engaging exhibits and focus on animal conservation, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo offers a rich educational experience for its visitors. Visitors have the opportunity to feed giraffes, interact with various species during keeper talks, see behind-the-scenes at the animal hospital, and much more. The zoo also hosts regular events throughout the year, including zoofari, festive nights, and holiday lights.

Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town Kissimmee is a unique and nostalgic amusement park in the heart of Kissimmee, Florida. It features a wide array of attractions, shops, dining venues, and family-friendly activities. This recreation of a classic Florida town attracts tourists and locals alike with its distinctive, historical charm and array of entertainment options.

Location5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Florida 34746
Operating Hours11 AM to 11 PM daily, from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdult ticket is $15
Main AttractionsGreat Magic Hall, Happy Days Family Fun Center, Mortem Manor, Classic Car Cruises
MapOld Town Kissimmee Map

With its blend of nostalgic Americana and modern entertainment, Old Town Kissimmee offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. Its main attractions include a beautifully restored, vintage carousel, an entertainment area with classic arcade games, a mind-bending magic hall, and regular classic car events. One of its most revered spectacles is “Saturday Nite Classic Car Cruise”, a weekly event that features hundreds of classic, antique, and muscle cars. This unique and vibrant amusement park is a must-visit attraction in Central Florida.

Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando in Florida

Aquatica Orlando is a prominent, experience-rich water park situated in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Renowned for its thrilling rides, lush tropical landscapes, and exceptional family-friendly amenities, Aquatica is part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. It was voted the nation’s Best Outdoor Waterpark by USA Today readers.

Location5800 Water Play Way, Orlando, Florida 32821
Operating HoursClosed on Wednesday, open from 10:30 AM to 5 PM Thursday through Monday, and from 10:30 PM to 12 AM on Saturday, followed by 12 AM to 5 PM
Ticket PricesA Ticket Only for ages 3 and up is priced at $74.99 each, and a combination of Ticket + All-Day Dining Deal for ages 3 and up is $111.99 each.
Main AttractionsDolphin Plunge, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Roa’s Aviary, Rapid’s River
MapAquatica Orlando Map

Besides the adrenaline-pumping water slides and wave pools, Aquatica Orlando also provides essential conveniences such as lockers, stroller rentals, and an all-day dining deal. It’s a perfect spot for visitors of all ages looking for a fun-filled day of water adventures. Thanks to the diverse range of attractions and facilities, Aquatica Orlando rightfully stands among the leading water parks in the USA.

Rapids Water Park

Rapids Water Park in Florida

Rapids Water Park, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a popular water amusement park that boasts a variety of slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river. Spread across 30 acres, the park offers fun and thrills for all age groups, making it a preferred destination for family outings and summer trips.

Location6566 N Military Trl, Riviera Beach, Florida 33407
Operating HoursClosed on some days, and open from 10:00 am with closing times ranging from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on different days.
Ticket PricesPricing is $54.99 plus tax from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), and $59.99 plus tax on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Main AttractionsThirthy-five water slides, FlowRider surfing simulator, quarter-mile lazy river
MapRapids Water Park Map

The water park is known for its adrenaline-pumping slides including the biggest one, Big Thunder, where riders are dropped into a funnel at high speed. For those seeking a more relaxing experience, the lazy river offers a leisurely, winding route through the park with mild currents and waves. Little adventurers can enjoy BareFootin’ Bay, an interactive children’s water play area. With ample amenities such as lockers, cabanas, multiple eateries, Rapids Water Park is fully-equipped to ensure a comfortable and exciting day out.

WonderWorks Orlando

WonderWorks Orlando in Florida

WonderWorks Orlando is a unique educational entertainment center designed to emulate the look of a top-secret laboratory that landed upside-down in Orlando. It offers over 100 interactive STEM-related exhibits split into six zones: Natural Disasters, Physical Challenge, Light and Sound, Space Discovery, Imagination Lab, and the Far Out Art Gallery, providing learning opportunities for all ages.

Location9067 International Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819
Operating Hours9 AM to 12 AM daily, from Wednesday to Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults (13+) at $33.00, Children (4-12) at $24.00, and Seniors (60+) at $27.00.
Main AttractionsNatural Disasters, Physical Challenge, Light and Sound, Space Discovery, Imagination Lab, Far Out Art Gallery
MapWonderWorks Orlando Map

Notable features of WonderWorks Orlando include the Indoor Ropes Challenge Course, the thrilling 4D XD Motion Theater, and the Laser-Tag Arena. For visitors seeking more unusual experiences, the center also houses a unique bed-of-nails exhibit, an earthquake simulator, and a hurricane hole with 74-mph wind gusts. An Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show is also available, combining unlimited fresh pizza with a magic show for the amazement of guests. Educational programs and birthday packages are also offered, making this a versatile destination for family fun and learning.

Shell Factory & Nature Park

Shell Factory & Nature Park in Florida

The Shell Factory & Nature Park in North Fort Myers, Florida, is a fascinating destination for both locals and tourists alike. It is a unique combination of a nature park, gift shop, and recreation center, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for individuals of all ages. With its focus on conservation, education, and recreation, the Shell Factory & Nature Park provides an entertaining and informative platform for exploring Florida’s rich wildlife and ecosystem.

Location2787 N Tamiami Trail, North Fort Myers, Florida 33903
Operating Hours10 AM to 6 PM every day, from Wednesday through Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults $14, Veterans $9, Children (4 to 12) $9, Seniors (55+) $10, Children 3 and under free with a paid adult, and a Family Annual Pass for 4 people is $125.
Main AttractionsNature Park, Touch Center, Fossil & Gem Mining
MapShell Factory & Nature Park Map

The park’s various attractions cater to a variety of interests, from the Touch Center where visitors can interact with certain reptiles and birds, to the Fossil and Gem Mining feature that offers a fun and engaging way to learn about geology. Beyond the attractions, the park also plays a significant role in animal rescue and rehabilitation, further promoting its commitment to wildlife conservation and education. The Shell Factory & Nature Park ensures a balanced mix of fun, learning, and engagement for all its visitors.

Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park

Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park in Florida

Located in the heart of the Florida Everglades, Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park is an adventurous and educational family destination. The park offers thrilling airboat rides, up-close encounters with Florida’s native wildlife – including alligators – in its Gator and Wildlife Park, and other exhilarating attractions.

Location3301 Lake Cypress Rd, Kenansville, Florida 34739
Operating Hours9 AM to 6 PM from Wednesday to Saturday and on Monday and Tuesday, with the establishment being closed on Sunday.
Ticket PricesFor Gator Park only, Adults $15, Children (3-11) $12, with Florida resident discounts at $8 for adults and $6 for children. Airboat tours start at $44.99 for a 30-minute tour, with a 15% discount for Florida residents. Combination tickets, such as a 30-minute airboat tour plus Gator Park admission, start at $59.99 for adults and $49.99 for children.
Main AttractionsAirboat Tours, Gator and Wildlife Park, Animal Encounters, Drive-thru Safari
MapWild Florida Airboats & Gator Park Map

Besides the main attractions, Wild Florida offers other unique experiences such as its Drive-thru Safari Park where visitors can observe over 100 native and exotic animals roaming freely. The park is committed to conserving, protecting, and enhancing Florida’s diverse ecosystem ensuring a thrilling, yet responsible travel experience.

Island H2O Live! Water Park

Island H2O Live! Water Park in Florida

Island H2O Live! Water Park is a state-of-the-art water park situated in Kissimmee, Florida. This sprawling aquatic playground boasts innovative technology and a wide range of exciting attractions designed to offer an immersive and engaging water park experience.

Location 3230 Inspiration Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34747
Operating Hours 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Ticket Prices Full Day ticket is $49.99, Half Day is $44.99
Main Attractions Profile Plunge, Live Lagoon, Pelican’s Paradise, Wave Rider
Website www.islandh2olive.com
Map Island H2O Live! Water Park Map

The park combines traditional water slide excitement with a unique social media twist. Guests have the option to select a soundtrack, record videos of their rides, and instantly share their experiences through an integrated app. Aside from the attractions, the park offers multiple dining options, cabana rentals, and private event spaces. For both locals and outstation visitors, Island H2O Live! Water Park offers an unparalleled water park experience.

Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo in Florida

Located in Melbourne, Florida, the Brevard Zoo is a unique and enjoyable destination for families and wildlife enthusiasts. It boasts over 900 animals from all over the world, interactive exhibits, a train ride, a water play area for kids, and various events throughout the year. The zoo focuses on animal conservation and participates in various wildlife projects worldwide.

Location8225 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, Florida 32940
Operating Hours9:30 AM to 5 PM every day of the week, from Wednesday through Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults (12 & over) are $32.95 online and $34.95 on-site, Seniors (65 & over) are $27.95 online and $29.95 on-site, and Children ages 3-11 are $21.95 online and $23.95 on-site.
Main AttractionsWildlife Detective Training Academy, Treetop Trek, Paws On Kids Zone, Expedition Africa
MapBrevard Zoo Map

With a vast range of animals from various biomes, daily animal encounters, and immersive educational programming, the Brevard Zoo encourages an appreciation for wildlife and nature. The zoo also organizes field trips and camps to provide exciting learning opportunities outside of a traditional classroom setting. The Brevard Zoo’s Treetop Trek offers an exciting outdoor adventure with zip lines and obstacle courses enhancing the appeal for older visitors and adrenaline seekers.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Florida

Established in 1971, Walt Disney World Resort, often referred to as Disney World, is a world-renowned entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida. Spanning approximately 25,000 acres, it is the most visited vacation spot in the world, showcasing some of the most unique, innovative, and immersive forms of entertainment ever designed.

Location1375 East Buena Vista Drive Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours daily, from Wednesday through Tuesday.
Ticket PricesStarts at $109 for base tickets (1 park per day)
Main AttractionsMagic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
MapWalt Disney World Map

In addition to holiday specials and seasonal events, Walt Disney World embraces four different theme parks, each with its distinct flavor of magic and mystery. The Magic Kingdom, much like its sister park Disneyland, hosts Disney’s classic experiences. EPCOT offers attractions focused on technology and international culture, while Disney’s Hollywood Studios centers around film and television production. Lastly, Disney’s Animal Kingdom immerses guests in a verdant landscape full of animals from around the world.

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens in Florida

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is a delightful attraction located in Sanford, providing both local residents and tourists with an opportunity to observe, learn, and appreciate a wide variety of animal and plant species. Spanning an area of 116 acres, the zoo houses over 350 animals, including giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, and more. In addition, the botanical garden offers a comprehensive display of native and exotic plants, creating a serene environment for relaxation while enjoying the amazing wildlife.

Location 3755 W. Seminole Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771
Operating Hours 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily
Ticket Prices Adults (13+): $19.50, Children (3-12): $13.75, Seniors (60+): $15.95
Main Attractions Giraffe Feedings, Tropical Splash Ground, Insect Zoo, Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground
Website www.centralfloridazoo.org
Map Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens Map

Apart from the regular zoo amenities, Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens also offers various educational programs, including animal encounters and interactive exhibits, making it an educational hub for people of all ages. The zoo also hosts special events and celebrations throughout the year, providing a unique and exciting experience for visitors.

Terror On Church Street

Terror on Church Street Brochure 1990_2

The haunting attraction illustrated as Terror On Church Street is a well-renowned haunted house attraction that was based in Orlando, Florida. While operational, it was famous for providing a uniquely horrifying experience to thrill-seeking adventurers and horror enthusiasts. Regrettably, it is no longer in operation, losing its thrill to Orlando’s ever-growing skyline in the late 90s.

Location135 S. Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida 32801
Operating HoursThe operating hours are from 7 PM to 12 midnight Sunday through Thursday, with extended summer hours to 1 AM from June 15 to August 31. On Friday and Saturday, the hours are from 7 PM to 1 AM. The Little Shop of Terror is open from 6:30 PM until closing each day. Closed in 1999.
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsHorror House, Jump Scare
MapWalt Disney World Map

Despite its closure, Terror on Church Street left a substantial impression on its visitors, leaving it cherished in the collective memory of Orlando locals and tourists alike. Its eerie ambiance and intricate set designs captivated the hearts of horror-lovers and curious visitors, thereby setting a benchmark for other horrifying attractions to come.

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, located in Hernando County, Florida, is a nature-infused tourist attraction known for its iconic mermaid shows. It boasts one of the deepest naturally occurring springs in the U.S., with thriving wildlife and recreational activities such as kayaking, boating, and swimming. It’s a unique blend of Floridian natural beauty and whimsical mermaid paraphernalia.

Location 6131 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606
Operating Hours 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., daily
Ticket Prices Adults: $13, Children (6-12): $8, Children (under 5): Free
Main Attractions Mermaid shows, boat tours, wildlife viewing, swimming, kayaking
Website https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/weeki-wachee-springs-state-park
Map Weeki Wachee Springs State Park Map

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park distinguishes itself with its underwater theater where visitors can watch live mermaid performances. The park offers special programs intended to inform and interact with visitors, ranging from educational wildlife programs to recreation opportunities. Seasonally, visitors can take a dip in the spring, relishing its crystal-clear waters that maintain a steady temperature of 74.2 degrees year-round. The park invites guests to travel along the Weeki Wachee River by paddleboards or kayaks, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the natural environment.

Miracle Strip Amusement Park

Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Florida

Miracle Strip Amusement Park was a beloved attraction in Panama City Beach, Florida. It entertained both locals and tourists from 1963 until its closure in 2004. The park was known for its fun and thrilling amusement rides, including the famous Starliner Roller Coaster, the Abominable Snowman, and the iconic Carousel. The park was given a new life in 2010 when a new owner reopened it, only to close it again in 2015.

Location284 Powell Adams Rd, Panama City Beach, Florida 32413
Operating HoursClosed, September 5, 2004
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsStarliner Roller Coaster, Abominable Snowman, Carousel
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapMiracle Strip Amusement Park Map

With its prime location near the Gulf of Mexico, the park was once a thriving epicenter of family-friendly fun and nostalgia for many visitors. The amusement park had over 30 rides, different game stalls, and several food stalls that served a variety of delicacies. The demise of the park was met with a lot of disappointment, as it signified the end of an era of classic family entertainment. Despite its closure, Miracle Strip Amusement Park continues to elicit fond memories from those who once walked through its bustling paths and enjoyed its unique attractions.

Wings Over Miami Museum

Wings Over Miami Museum in Florida

Wings Over Miami Museum is an aviation museum dedicated to preserving the history of air-worthy classic military and classic jets, as well as maintaining a tribute to those aviators and veterans who have contributed much to the modern aviation. The museum features aircraft that are representative of the Golden Age of Aviation and World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam Conflict eras.

Location14710 SW 128th St, Miami, Florida 33196
Operating Hours10 AM to 5 PM Wednesday through Sunday, with the establishment being closed on Monday and Tuesday.
Ticket PricesAdults $10.00, Senior Citizens (60+) $7.00, and Children (12 and under) $6.00.
Main AttractionsFamous Aircraft Collection with focus on military aviation from WW II, Korea, and Vietnam era.
MapWings Over Miami Museum Map

The museum offers an opportunity to learn about the history of aviation and the role it played in the major conflicts of the 20th century. Guests can explore the museum’s collection of historic aircraft, which are kept in flying condition and frequently used in airshows. In addition to its dedication to historic preservation, Wings Over Miami is committed to inspiring a new generation of aviators and engaging with the community through educational outreach programs. The museum is wheelchair accessible and provides a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida in Florida

Universal Studios Florida is a world-renowned theme park located in Orlando, Florida. Known for its thrilling rides and attractions that are themed around popular films and televisions shows, the park receives millions of visitors annually. Besides breathtaking rides, the park offers live shows, shopping, dining, and a varety of amusement activities for all ages. Universal Studios Florida is a part of the larger Universal Orlando Resort, which also includes Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Location 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Operating Hours Usually from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM but may vary by season
Ticket Prices Starts at $119 for a single day ticket
Main Attractions Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, The Simpsons Ride
Website universalorlando.com
Map Universal Studios Florida Map

Visitors can immerse themselves in the heart of the movies with many rides inspired by blockbusters such as Harry Potter, Transformers, and Jurassic Park. The park also offers a range of dining options from quick bites to gourmet cuisines. Universal Studios Florida is also home to many special events, including the famous Halloween Horror Nights, Mardi Gras, and the Macy’s Holiday Parade. In addition, to make the experience as effortless as possible, Universal Studios Florida offers a variety of services including child care, kennel services, and rental lockers.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort in Florida

Universal Orlando Resort is a globally recognized theme park and entertainment resort, located in Orlando, Florida. Housing two theme parks, a water park, numerous hotels, and an entertainment complex, Universal Orlando is a popular destination with a multitude of attractions and experiences to offer, whether you’re a fan of cinematic adventures, thrilling rides, or stellar live performances.

Location6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32819
Operating HoursTypically 8:00 am to 12:00 am daily.
Ticket PricesPrices for single-park, one-day tickets are: $109 for a 1-Park, 1-Day ticket, $139 for a 2-Park, 1-Day ticket, and $169 for a 3-Park, 1-Day ticket.
Main AttractionsUniversal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, CityWalk
MapUniversal Orlando Resort Map

The resort’s two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, host a wide array of experiences, from 3D rides to roller coasters, often based on Universal’s famous movies and TV shows. Volcano Bay, a tropical-themed water park, provides a refreshing respite from the Florida heat. Universal’s CityWalk is a hub of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to explore. With something for everyone, Universal Orlando Resort offers an immersive and unforgettable vacation experience.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando in Florida

Located in the heart of Orlando, Florida, SeaWorld Orlando is a prominent marine zoological park and amusement theme park. It features an array of attractions, rides, and animal exhibits. The park is renowned for delivering both entertainment and education about marine wildlife, making it a popular destination for families and marine life enthusiasts.

Location7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821
Operating HoursWednesday to Thursday, and Monday to Tuesday, from 10 AM to 7 PM; Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM; Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM; and Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM.
Ticket PricesAdults at $99.99 and Children (ages 3-11) at $84.99.
Main AttractionsMako Roller Coaster, Dolphin Days show, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Orca Encounter, Sea Lion High: The New Class
MapSeaWorld Orlando Map

SeaWorld Orlando is unique for its blend of thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and live shows featuring different marine animals like dolphins, orcas, and sea lions. Animal rehab and conservation education are also a strong focus of the park. Anticipate an entertaining day filled with adrenaline-rush rides, animal encounters, delicious food, and learning experiences pertinent to marine wildlife.


Floridaland in Florida

Floridaland was a popular theme park located in Osprey, Sarasota County, Florida. Opened in 1964, the park was themed around the history and culture of Florida, featuring a variety of attractions for families and visitors of all ages until its closure in 1971.

LocationUS-41 Osprey, Florida 34229
Operating HoursClosed, July 2 1971
Ticket Prices N/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsDolphin shows, Western town replica, Glass bottom boat tours, Old Florida Pioneer Village, Orange Grove Tours
Website N/A (Permanently Closed)
MapFloridaland Map

Despite the park’s diverse range of attractions, the steep competition with other, larger Florida attractions, like Disney World, led to Floridaland’s eventual closure. Today, the park remains a fond memory for many local Floridians and tourists alike who experienced its unique blend of education and entertainment. The site of the original Floridaland Park is now home to the Osprey Village Shopping Center, though no signage or memorial marks the park’s location. Its history is kept alive through the memories of past visitors and occasional mentions in the news and other media.

Silver Springs

Silver Springs in Florida

Silver Springs, located in Silver Springs, Florida, is renowned as one of the largest artesian springs globally. This destination offers a unique natural experience filled with rich wildlife, gorgeous panoramic views, and various recreational activities. Being one of Florida’s first tourist attractions, it is home to the famous glass bottom boat tours offering a glimpse into the clear waters packed with aquatic life.

Location5656 E Silver Springs Blvd, Silver Springs, Florida 34488
Operating HoursOpen daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
Ticket PricesThe entrance fee is $8 per vehicle (2-8 people), $5 for single occupancy or a motorcycle, with $2 for each extra passenger, and free for children aged 6 and under. Glass bottom boat tours are $12 for adults and $6 for children (3-11), with 30-minute tours departing every 15 minutes from 10 am to 4 pm. Kayak and canoe rentals start at $25, paddleboarding starts at $30, and entrance to the Silver River Museum and Environmental Center is $2 per person.
Main AttractionsGlass Bottom Boat Tours, Silver River Museum, Wilderness Trail
MapSilver Springs Map

Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, or seeking a calm retreat, Silver Springs offers something for everyone. Its preserved wildlife, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking natural beauty uniquely blend to create an immersive and relaxing experience. Visitors can also attend various events and concerts held periodically. Remember that Florida state park passes are not valid here because it’s a concession-operated park.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows in Florida

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows in Orlando is an award-winning interactive entertainment establishment that provides a unique dining experience. This venue offers intriguing mysteries dinner shows where the audience participates in solving a comical crime. The experience is interactive and immersive, blending suspense, comedy and, delicious cuisine. Here, patrons are part of a live-action performance while enjoying a sumptuous three-course meal.

Location8267 International Dr, Orlando, Florida 32819
Operating HoursShows are scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, and at 5:30 PM on Sundays.
Ticket PricesTicket prices are set at $75.95 for Adults and $35.95 for Children aged 3 to 11.
Main AttractionsInteractive Mystery Dinner Shows
MapSleuths Mystery Dinner Shows Map

Guests should be prepared to flex their detective skills as they are actively involved in the plot, having the chance to interrogate the suspects, gather clues, and solve the puzzle. Alongside the thrill of the mystery, guests can enjoy their choice of delicious entrée from cornish hen, to prime rib, to a vegetarian option. With 15 distinct mysteries rotated throughout the year, every visit to Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows continues to be a fresh and captivating experience.

Fun Spot

Fun Spot In Florida

Fun Spot is a favorite entertainment destination in Orlando, renowned for its family-friendly ambience, affordability, and variety of attractions. This funfair is genuinely an ideal spot for those seeking thrilling rides, arcade games, fabulous dining options, and abundant fun activities for the whole family.

Location5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, Florida 32819
Operating Hours2:00 PM to 12:00 AM Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday.
Ticket PricesThe Single Day Pass is priced at $44.99 for adults and $34.99 for children ages 3-11, offering unlimited access to all rides and attractions at the park.
Main AttractionsWhite Lightning, Freedom Flyer, SkyCoaster, Gator Spot
MapFun Spot Map

Fun Spot offers an array of exciting rides, including roller coasters, go-karts, and spin rides, promising an adrenaline rush for the more adventurous. Fun Spot also highlights Gator Spot, a collaborative 15,000-square-foot exhibit with Gatorland, offering visitors a unique chance to see and interact with alligators and other exotic animals. Fun Spot’s opening hours extend late into the night, making it an excellent place for nocturnal family fun. You’ll also find an array of dining options on-site, ranging from fast food to full-service restaurants, catering to all tastes.

Give Kids The World Village

Give Kids The World Village in Florida

Give Kids The World Village is a non-profit resort in Kissimmee, Florida, aimed primarily at children with life-threatening illnesses, ensuring they and their families have a magical and memorable vacation experience. The 84-acre fairytale-like village provides visitors with a week-long, cost-free vacation, complete with accommodation, meals, and access to popular theme parks in Central Florida.

Location210 S Bass Rd, Kissimmee, Florida 34746
Operating Hours Open 24 hours, every day of the week.
Ticket Prices$25 for adults, $15 for children aged 3-17.
Main AttractionsThemed accommodations, Matthew’s Boundless Playground, Jurassic Junction, Amberville Train Station, Marc’s DinoPutt, Castle of Miracles, Star Tower
MapGive Kids The World Village Map

The vision behind Give Kids The World Village is to inspire joy and restore happy childhood memories to these brave children and their families amidst their tough battle with illness. Noticeably, all costs associated with these week-long vacations are covered by the village, ensuring there’s no financial strain on families already burdened by medical bills. The Village comprises a host of fun-filled and engaging activities as part of its holiday offerings, making every stay indeed enchanting.

Zorayda Castle

Zorayda Castle in Florida

Zorayda Castle, located in the historic city of St. Augustine, Florida, U.S. is a 19th-century architectural marvel. Architect Franklin Smith built it in 1883 as his personal winter home, drawing inspiration from the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The castle is a popular tourist attraction, sought after for its archetypal Moorish Revival style and the extensive art collection it houses.

Location83 King St, St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Operating HoursWednesday through Monday, 10 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday, 11 AM to 4 PM.
Ticket PricesAdults – $14.00 with audio tour, $10.00 without; Seniors (60+) – $13.00 with audio tour, $9.00 without; Active/retired military – $12.00 with audio tour, $8.00 without; Students – $10.00 with audio tour, $7.00 without; Children 6 and under are free.
Main AttractionsAntique furniture, Egyptian mummy, “Sacred Cat Rug”, self-guided audio tours
MapZorayda Castle Map

The Zorayda Castle offers a unique experience where the visitors can explore the many rooms filled with unique artifacts from around the world – the most notorious being a 2400-year-old mummy from Egypt and the “Sacred Cat Rug” made from cat hair. It also boasts audio-guided tours that enrich the experience with historical facts and anecdotes about the castle’s past.

Wild Waters in Ocala

Set in the sublime Silver Springs State Park, Wild Waters is a water park in Ocala, Florida, known for its family-friendly environment and exhilarating attractions. Filled with a variety of water-based activities, it provides ample opportunities for enjoyment, fun, and relaxation for people of all ages.

Location5656 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Silver Springs, Ocala, Florida 34488
Operating HoursClosed, September 5, 2016
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapWild Waters Map

As part of Silver Springs State Park, visitors to Wild Waters also have access to nature trails, a museum, and gardens. Known as the prime location for paddleboarding and kayaking in central Florida, Silver Springs State Park offers guided kayak and canoe trips down the crystal clear river. Whether you’re enjoying thrilling water slides, floating down a scenic river ride, or exploring the beauty of the park, Wild Waters promises a fantastic day out for everyone.

Crayola Experience Orlando

Crayola Experience Orlando in Florida

The Crayola Experience Orlando is a highly interactive attraction that offers a blend of educational and entertainment experiences, aimed at fostering creativity among children and adults alike. With over 26 unique activities and attractions ranging from designing your crayon label to bringing your art to life in a digital format, the venue provides a full day of colorful fun.

Location8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida 32809
Operating HoursWednesday to Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM.
Ticket PricesAdults (13+): $28.99 + tax (or $3 off online), Seniors (65+): $25.99 + tax (or $3 off online), Children (3-12): $24.99 + tax, Children under 2: Free.
Main AttractionsColor Wheel, Drip Art, Meltdown, Melt & Mold, Color Magic, You Design, Crayon Factory
MapCrayola Experience Orlando Map

In addition to the multitude of art and craft activities, Crayola Experience Orlando also includes a Cafe Crayola for meals and snacks and a retail shop, Crayola Store, where products exclusive to the Crayola Experience are available for purchase. Every visit to the Crayola Experience Orlando promises a new creative adventure for families.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom in Florida

Magic Kingdom, one of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is the perfect place for children and adults alike to experience the enchantment and magic of Disney. Known for its iconic Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom is divided into six unique lands: Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.

Location1180 Seven Seas Drive Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830
Operating HoursWednesday to Saturday, 9 AM to 11 PM; Sunday, 9 AM to 10 PM; Monday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM; and Tuesday, 9 AM to 11 PM.
Ticket PricesStarting from $109 for a one-day ticket, depending on the date and the age of the visitor
Main AttractionsCinderella Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, “It’s a Small World”, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
MapMagic Kingdom Map

Magic Kingdom is well-known for its festive atmosphere and special events such as Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Also, evening events are capped off with Happily Ever After, the park’s nightly fireworks and projection show, which is considered a must-see for all guests.

ICON Park Orlando

ICON Park Orlando in Florida

ICON Park Orlando is a popular entertainment complex located in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, U.S. The 20-acre, walkable entertainment hub presents a unique blend of funky bars, casual restaurants, and quality attractions. This phenomenal edifice boasts the impressive 400-ft tall Observation Wheel. Flagship attractions are The Wheel, Madame Tussauds Orlando, SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Orlando StarFlyer, and several others..

Location8375 International Dr, Orlando, Florida 32819
Operating HoursWednesday to Tuesday, 11 AM to 11 PM; Fridays and Saturdays, 11 AM to 12 AM (midnight).
Ticket PricesThe Wheel: $12 for adults, $10 for children aged 3-11 years; Madame Tussauds: $29 for adults, $23 for children aged 3-11 years; SEA LIFE Aquarium: $29 for adults, $23 for children aged 3-11 years; Other attractions vary, e.g., Museum of Illusions: $25 for adults, $20 for children; 7D Dark Ride Adventure: $12 for all ages.
Main AttractionsThe Wheel, Madame Tussauds Orlando, SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Orlando StarFlyer
MapICON Park Orlando Map

From the heart-stopping rides to quality dining and shopping options, ICON Park is a one-stop shop for fun and entertainment. As an open entertainment hub, ICON Park offers free parking and entrance, only charging for shows and attractions. Its unique central location makes it perfectly positioned for visitors staying anywhere in the Orlando area. Whether it’s relishing the magical views from the observational wheel or enjoying a scrumptious meal, ICON Park indeed offers the best Orlando experience.

American Police Hall of Fame & Museum

American Police Hall of Fame & Museum In Florida

The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum in Titusville, Florida, is a noble institution dedicated to honoring the heroes of law enforcement. Founded in 1960, it serves as a tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty while also educating the public about the often challenging world of policing.

Location6350 Horizon Drive, Titusville, Florida 32780
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Ticket PricesAdults: $15, Seniors & Children (3-12): $12, Under 3: Free
Main AttractionsOfficer Memorial, Police Car Exhibit, Firearms Collection, Crime Scene Investigations Experience
MapAmerican Police Hall of Fame & Museum Map

Don’t miss the moving Officer Memorial with over 9,000 names of officers who have fallen in the line of duty. Families and enthusiasts will enjoy the interactive experiences such as the Police Car Exhibit and the Crime Scene Investigations Experience. Collectors and historians will be intrigued by the extensive firearms collection, which covers various periods and countries. The museum offers a unique insight into the realities of law enforcement, making it a must-visit for those interested in criminal justice or simply seeking to pay tribute to these everyday heroes.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center in Florida

The Kennedy Space Center, based in Merritt Island, Florida, is a leading facility for U.S. space exploration. Under the operation of NASA, it has been the launch site for every human space flight since 1968. The center also plays a vital role in scientific research and understanding space through its various programs, exhibits and planetarium.

Location Merritt Island, Florida
Operating Hours 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Ticket Prices Adults (age 12+): $57, Children (age 3-11): $47
Main Attractions Space Shuttle Atlantis, Apollo/Saturn V Center, Rocket Garden, Astronaut Training Experience
Website www.kennedyspacecenter.com
Map Kennedy Space Center Map

A visit to the Kennedy Space Center provides an opportunity to learn about the history and future of American space travel through interactive exhibits, IMAX movies, simulators and guided bus tours of the facility. The visitor complex also offer guests the unique chance to meet a veteran astronaut. It is recommended to allow a full day to experience all the center has to offer. Advance booking is advisable to secure your spot, particularly during peak tourist seasons.

Fun Spot America Kissimmee

Fun Spot America Kissimmee in Florida

Fun Spot America Kissimmee is a vibrant family amusement park situated in Kissimmee, Florida. The park offers a variety of thrilling rides, arcade games, and unique dining spots, making it a must-visit destination for families, thrill enthusiasts, and those who enjoy a lively, fun-packed atmosphere.

Location2850 Florida Plaza Blvd, Kissimmee, Florida 34746
Operating HoursOpen daily Wednesday to Tuesday: 2 PM to 12 AM (midnight)
Ticket PricesAdult (ages 10+): $49.99, Child (ages 3-9): $37.99, Senior (ages 60+): $37.99.
Main AttractionsSkyCoaster, Rockstar Coaster, Headrush 360, Kiddie Rides
MapFun Spot America Kissimmee Map

Welcome to a world of excitement and adventure at Fun Spot America Kissimmee. The park is home to various unique attractions such as America’s tallest SkyCoaster and the Rockstar Coaster, catering to thrill seekers of all ages. For smaller visitors, the park also has a selection of kiddie rides, ensuring a fantastic day out for the whole family. While you’re there, make sure to indulge in the unique dining experiences the park offers, featuring a fantastic mix of local treats and international favorites.


Gatorland in Florida

Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve located in Orlando, Florida. Offering a unique blend of natural wildlife and one-of-a-kind entertainment, Gatorland presents an exciting opportunity for visitors to interact with Florida’s most iconic reptile – the alligator. The park, which was first opened to the public in 1949, remains as a testament to Florida’s history and natural beauty.

Location14501 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, Florida 32837
Operating HoursOpen daily Wednesday to Tuesday: 10 AM to 5 PM.
Ticket PricesAdults: $29.00, Children (3-12 years): $20.00, Seniors (60+): $27.00.
Main AttractionsAlligator Breeding Marsh, Zip Line, Off-Road Adventure, Petting Zoo
MapGatorland Map

In addition to its wealth of educational exhibits, Gatorland also offers experiences such as Gator wrestling shows and behind-the-scenes “Trainer for a Day” programs. Birdwatchers would find the free-flight aviary a dream come true. The park’s commitment to the preservation and conservation of wildlife is reflected in its Breeding Marsh and Bird Rookery, which provides a natural habitat for a variety of animals and bird species. Gatorland truly offers a unique, unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure in Florida

Universal Islands of Adventure, located in Orlando, Florida, is a theme park that is part of the Universal Orlando Resort. It is a hub for some of the most popular characters in pop culture, from the heroes and villains of Marvel comics to the magical world of Harry Potter. The park features several themed islands, each representing a unique adventure. With a wide range of rides, shows, and attractions, it provides an immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Location6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32819
Operating HoursWednesday to Tuesday: 9 AM to 7 PM, with extended hours until 9 PM on Saturday.
Ticket PricesTwo-day ticket – Adults: $159, Children: $149; Three-day ticket – Adults: $199, Children: $189.
Main AttractionsThe Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
MapUniversal Islands of Adventure Map

The park is known for its thrilling and technologically advanced rides, including one of the first immersive 3D attractions, ‘The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man’. It’s also home to ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade’, one of the most acclaimed theme park experiences ever created. Besides rides, the park offers numerous dining options, shopping areas, and live performances throughout the day. If you’re visiting Orlando, Universal Islands of Adventure is a must-see destination.

Shipwreck Island Waterpark

Shipwreck Island Waterpark in Florida

Shipwreck Island Waterpark in Panama City Beach, Florida, is a tropical paradise perfect for family fun and sun. Established in 1983, the 20-acre park features a variety of water-based attractions designed for excitement and entertainment. Surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, the park’s amenities range from thrilling water slides and a wave pool to a lazy river and dedicated kids’ zones. Every season it manages to attract numerous visitors due to its assortment of rides suitable for all age groups.

Location 12201 Hutchison Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, USA
Operating Hours Typically 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM during operating season
Ticket Prices Prices range depending on height and age, refer to website for current pricing
Main Attractions The Raging Rapids, The Pirate’s Plunge Racing Slide, The Lazy River, The Great White Shark
Website www.shipwreckisland.com
Map Shipwreck Island Waterpark Map

Visitors at Shipwreck Island will find plenty of food and beverage options on-site for a convenient and enjoyable all-day stay. The park is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, offering trained lifeguards and safety measures throughout. With its tropical theme and variety of attractions, Shipwreck Island Waterpark brings unforgettable aquatic fun for the whole family.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens in Florida

Flamingo Gardens is a non-profit organization and botanical garden in Davie, Florida. Founded in 1927, it covers 60 acres and is dedicated to preserving the natural heritage of South Florida. The garden prides itself on showcasing endangered and injured birds and wildlife within its sanctuary. It is home to over 3,000 species of rare and exotic, tropical, subtropical, and native plants. Other unique attractions include the Wray Home Museum, narrated tram tour, and Florida’s largest collection of Champion Trees.

Location3750 S Flamingo Rd, Davie, Florida 33330
Operating HoursOpen every day from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, with the last entry at 4:00 PM.
Ticket PricesAdults (13+ years old): $20 online, $23 at the gate; Children (3-12 years old): $10 online, $12 at the gate; Children under 3 and Flamingo Gardens members: Free.
Main AttractionsBotanical Gardens, Bird Sanctuary, Wildlife Habitat, Tram Tours, Wray Home Museum
MapFlamingo Gardens Map

Flamingo Gardens also hosts educational programs for all ages throughout the year. Its beauty and broad array of offerings make this garden ideal for nature lovers, families, school tours, and anyone seeking a connection with nature’s flora and fauna. This ADA-accessible garden is more than just a tourist attraction, but is a commitment to conservation and education.

Dania Beach Hurricane

Dania Beach Hurricane in Florida

The Dania Beach Hurricane was a wooden roller coaster located in Dania Beach, Florida. Known for its high thrilling momentum, it was a popular tourist attraction that brought amusement park enthusiasts from across the globe. Unfortunately, the iconic ride was closed down and dismantled in 2011.

Location2145 Davie Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
Operating HoursClosed, April 26, 2011
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsDania Beach Hurricane Roller Coaster
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapDania Beach Hurricane Map

The Dania Beach Hurricane stood as a prominent feature of the skyline, with a peak altitude of 100 feet and a maximum velocity of 55 miles per hour. The roller coaster, which was approximately a mile long, had a ride time of about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Despite its popularity, financial complications forced its permanent closure, much to the disappointment of thrill-seekers and amusement park lovers.


DisneyQuest in Florida

DisneyQuest was a popular indoor interactive theme park located in Orlando. It was a five-story complex that featured numerous virtual reality attractions that were primarily based on Disney’s popular film properties. Opened in 1998, it was a part of Disney’s larger aim to create a uniquely digital entertainment experience. It was announced in 2015 that the facility would close for a new NBA Experience, which eventually took place in 2017.

Location1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, Florida 32830
Operating HoursClosed in 2017
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsCyberSpace Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold, Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride, Virtual Jungle Cruise
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapDisneyQuest Map

In its heyday, DisneyQuest was a beloved part of Downtown Disney offering a unique mix of classic video games, pinball machines, and immersive virtual reality experiences. Despite its closure, it’s still fondly remembered by fans for its innovative use of technology and unique entertainment options.

Disney’s Discovery Island

Disney’s Discovery Island in Florida

Disney’s Discovery Island is a long-closed attraction in Orlando, Florida. Opened in 1974, it served for a number of years as a wildlife observation attraction before it was subsequently shut down in 1999. Situated in Bay Lake, the island was once home to a variety of species and animals and was seen as an exotic retreat within the universe of Disney’s theme park complex.

LocationDiscovery Island, Bay Lake, Florida 32836
Operating HoursClosed, April 8, 1999
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsN/A (Permanently Closed)
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapDisney’s Discovery Island Map

Despite its closing, Disney’s Discovery Island has continued to generate intrigue and allure. Numerous urban legends and stories about the island have contributed to its enduring mystique. While it was operational, the island hosted a wealth of exotic animals from around the globe. It’s noteworthy that Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a larger, more expansive wildlife-oriented theme park was opened soon after Discovery Island’s closure, giving continuity to Disney’s interest in celebrating and educating about wildlife. Today, while guests cannot physically set foot on Discovery Island, its silhouette remains visible from various points around Disney’s resorts, a quiet reminder of its past presence in Disney’s offerings.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Florida

Encompassing over 580 acres, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is a unique blend of animal adventure and thrilling rides, nestled in Orlando, Florida. It boasts a plethora of captivating attractions, experiences, and entertainment. Visitors are welcomed into seven exotic lands, notably Discovery Island, Africa, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Asia, Dinoland U.S.A., Pandora – The World of Avatar, and the Oasis.

Location Orlando, Florida
Operating Hours Typically 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Ticket Prices Starting from $109 for a one-day ticket
Main Attractions The Tree of Life, Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Pandora – The World of Avatar
Website https://www.disneyworld.com/animal-kingdom
Map Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Map

Aside from the thrilling rides and remarkable wildlife, Animal Kingdom offers great dining and shopping options. The park is known for its meticulous attention to detail in its architecture, landscaping, and storytelling. Additionally, it is NFS-certified as a zoological park due to its focus on conservation and education. The Animal Kingdom is a must-visit for Disney fans, nature enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers alike.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove in Florida

Discovery Cove is a theme park and marine attraction located in Orlando, Florida. Owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, it is known for offering unique, immersive experiences that allow guests to interact closely with marine wildlife, making it a favorite destination for families, nature lovers, and adventure-seekers alike.

Location6000 Discovery Cove Way, Orlando, Florida 32821
Operating HoursOpen daily Wednesday to Tuesday: 7 AM to 5 PM.
Ticket PricesAdults $189, Children (aged 3-9) $139.
Main AttractionsDolphin Lagoon, The Grand Reef, Explorer’s Aviary, Freshwater Oasis, Serenity Bay, Wind-Away River
MapDiscovery Cove Map

Besides the immersive experiences, admission to Discovery Cove includes unlimited access to food and beverages throughout the day; snorkeling gear; wetsuits; towels; a souvenir snorkel; free parking; complimentary photo portrait, and a 14 consecutive day unlimited access to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens. Visitors can also swim with dolphins, snorkel amongst thousands of exotic fish and rays, hand-feed tropical birds, and unwind on pristine sandy beaches. Guest capacity is limited to ensure less crowding, so it is best to make reservations in advance.

Downtown Disney District

Downtown Disney District in Florida

The Downtown Disney District is one of the most exciting and lively parts of Orlando, Florida. Designed to be more than an amusement park, this open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World Resort mirrors Disneyland Resort in California. It is the perfect destination for families and visitors looking for a fun-filled day trip or a nighttime adventure.

Location1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, Florida 32836
Operating HoursWednesday to Tuesday 7 AM to 11 PM, except on Friday and Saturday when it’s open until 1 AM.
Ticket PricesParking: First hour is $10; Get up to 5 hours of free parking with a Downtown Disney purchase or dining at a table-service restaurant; After validation, additional hours cost $14 per 30 minutes.
Main AttractionsThe LEGO Store, World of Disney, The Marketplace, AMC Theatres, Rainforest Cafe
MapDowntown Disney District Map

No matter your age, there’s something for everyone at Downtown Disney District. Its unique blend of global brands, fine dining, and dynamic entertainment makes it a vibrant promenade. The World of Disney store remains a major draw for children and Disney aficionados, while a building made entirely out of LEGO bricks lures fans of the colorful building blocks. Moreover, its AMC Theatres offer hours of movie magic for the entire family. Free entry to the district allows guests to revel in the Disney ambiance without spending on admission tickets.


Epcot in Florida

Epcot, the second of four Walt Disney World theme parks created in Orlando Florida, is designed to celebrate human achievement and technological innovation. This futuristic theme park, divided into two sections, Future World and World Showcase, is known for its iconic Spaceship Earth sphere, thrilling attractions, and culture-centered exhibits.

Location200 Epcot Center Dr, Orlando, Florida 32821
Operating HoursEvery day from 9 AM to 9 PM.
Ticket PricesSingle-day base ticket is from $119 to $179.
Main AttractionsSpaceship Earth, Soarin’ Around the World, Test Track, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Frozen Ever After
MapEpcot Map

Epcot is unique in its approach to merging education with technology and entertainment. The Future World part of the park focuses on technological advances and innovations whereas the World Showcase celebrates international culture and cuisine. The annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is particularly popular among visitors, showcasing a diverse array of dishes and beverages from around the world. Epcot also provides entertainment through various live performances and nighttime spectaculars like the Harmonious.

Disney-MGM Studios

Disney-MGM Studios in Florida

Disney-MGM Studios is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando. Initially opened in 1989, the park offers an immersive Hollywood studio experience, with attractions inspired by Disney’s iconic film and television properties, drawing millions of tourists annually.

Location Bay Lake, Florida, Near Orlando
Operating Hours Typically 9AM – 9PM, varies seasonally
Ticket Prices Starts at $109 per adult (age 10+) for a 1-day ticket
Main Attractions Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania!
Website Disney World Official Site
Map Disney-MGM Studios Map

The park is divided into several themed areas, each featuring attractions, dining, and entertainment associated with Hollywood classics. Beyond rides, the park provides live stage shows, a backstage tour of a working movie studio, and events like nighttime spectaculars. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, inspired by the Star Wars franchise, is the newest addition to the park, captivating visitors with its intricate theming and advanced attraction technology.

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando in Florida

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando was a globally renowned water park located in Orlando, Florida. Renowned for its thrilling water slides and attractions, this amusement park was a hub of fun and excitement for both adults and kids. Wet ‘n Wild Orlando closed permanently on December 31, 2016, making way for Universal Orlando Resort’s water park, Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Location6200 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819
Operating HoursClosed, December 31, 2016
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsN/A (Permanently Closed)
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapWet ‘n Wild Orlando Map

At its time, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando was considered one of the best water parks worldwide. It contributed significantly to making Orlando a popular tourist destination, particularly for those seeking thrilling and exciting water-based adventures. The park might be no more, but its memories still live on in the hearts of many who experienced its offerings.

Disney’s River Country

Disney’s River Country in Florida

Disney’s River Country was the first water park at Walt Disney World, opened in Orlando, Florida, on June 20, 1976. Styled with an old-fashioned wilderness setting, the park featured a unique filtration system that used filtered water from neighboring Bay Lake, which was initially filtered through a sandy bottom. Known for its sandy bottom and unique filtration system, it remained a unique attraction until its closure in 2001.

Location Bay Lake, Orlando, Florida
Operating Hours N/A (Closed in 2001)
Ticket Prices N/A (Closed in 2001)
Main Attractions Sandy Bottom, Water Slides, Tire Swing, Red Cross Swimming Classes
Website N/A (Closed in 2001)
Map Disney’s River Country Map

The park featured an old-fashioned wilderness setting, an artificial sandy beach, and a unique filtration system, which used filtered water from the adjacent Bay Lake. However, due to unknown reasons, River Country did not open for its regular summer season in 2002 and was subsequently closed. The land was repurposed for the newly opened Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a theme park situated at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Opened on May 1, 1989, the park draws inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood, offering a magnitude of attractions, entertainment, and dining destinations for its visitors.

Location 351 S Studio Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, USA
Operating Hours Usually 9 AM – 9 PM; can vary
Ticket Prices Start from $109 per adult (varies by date)
Main Attractions The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land
Website www.disneyworld.disney.go.com
Map Disney’s Hollywood Studios Map

Disney’s Hollywood Studios provides diverse dining options and facilitates numerous seasonal and special events. The park is split into seven areas or “lands” – Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, Grand Avenue, Animation Courtyard, Sunset Boulevard, Toy Story Land, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – each featuring different adventures to cater to a wide range of tastes. Significantly, it is renowned for its iconic landmarks, such as the Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Tower Hotel, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to experience the glamour of Hollywood classics and the magic of Disney.>

Legoland Florida

Legoland in Florida

Legoland Florida, located in Winter Haven, is a vibrant, interactive amusement park specifically designed for families with children aged 2-12 years. The park, which opened in October 2011, spans over 150 acres and is home to more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions inspired by popular LEGO and DUPLO brands.

Location6000 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven, Florida 33884
Operating HoursWednesday to Tuesday 10 AM to 5 PM, except on Saturday and Sunday when it’s open until 6 PM.
Ticket Prices1-Day 1-Park Ticket: $119 at the gate, $109 online. This ticket grants access to either LEGOLAND Theme Park or Peppa Pig Theme Park.
Main AttractionsMiniland, LEGO Ninjago World, DUPLO Valley, The Dragon Roller Coaster
MapLegoland Florida Map

Apart from its thrilling rides and interactive exhibits, Legoland Florida also features a stunning 22,000-square-foot fresh water aquarium and a botanical garden. Families can also enjoy themed dining, shopping, and a range of entertaining events, making it a must-visit destination for kid-friendly fun in Florida.

Dinosaur World Florida

Dinosaur World in Florida

Dinosaur World Florida, located in Plant City, is a popular family-friendly theme park known for its plethora of dinosaur-themed exhibits and activities. Spread over a vast area of 20 acres, this park provides an exciting learning experience for children and adults alike. It is home to more than 200 life-size dinosaur sculptures, each meticulously designed to replicate the prehistoric creatures, providing a de facto ‘back in time’ adventure.

Location 5145 Harvey Tew Rd, Plant City, FL 33565, United States
Operating Hours 9 AM – 5 PM; Open daily
Ticket Prices Adults: $16.95; Children (3-12): $11.95; Senior Citizens: $14.95
Main Attractions Fossil Dig, Dino Gem Excavation, Dinosaur Museum, Dino Walk, Dinosaur World Florida Map
Website http://dinosaurworld.com/florida/
Map Dinosaur World Florida Map

At Dinosaur World, visitors can engage in varied activities such as unearthing dinosaur fossils at the Fossil Dig, excavating gemstones at the Dino Gem Excavation, and learning about these awe-inspiring creatures in the Dinosaur Museum. The park is wheelchair accessible, pet-friendly, and provides amenities like picnic areas and gift shops, making it an ideal family destination.

Boardwalk and Baseball

Boardwalk and Baseball in Florida

Boardwalk and Baseball was a unique and captivating theme park where the worlds of theme park rides and baseball games were perfectly merged. Located in Haines City, Florida, this attraction was operational from 1987 to 1990 and was known for its amazing amusements and Hall of Fame Classic Spring Training Baseball.

LocationUS Hwy 27, Haines City, Florida 33844
Operating HoursClosed, January 17, 1990
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsBaseball-themed rides and games, Hall of Fame Classic Spring Training Baseball
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapBoardwalk and Baseball Map

Although it’s no longer in operation, Boardwalk and Baseball left a significant mark in its relatively short existence. The theme park offered a fresh and unique concept, blending the thrill and fun of an amusement park with the love for America’s favorite pastime – baseball. Guests could explore various baseball-themed rides and exhibits, enjoy classic theme park games, and watch actual minor league baseball games. Despite its brief run, Boardwalk and Baseball managed to provide an exciting and memorable experience to countless visitors during its years of operation.

Circus World

Circus World in Florida

Circus World was an amusement park and entertainment complex located in Haines City, Florida. It was established by the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1974. The facility served both as a winter retreat for circus performers and a captivating visitor attraction.

Location33838 US-27 Haines City, Florida 33844
Operating HoursClosed, May 10, 1986
Ticket PricesN/A (Permanently Closed)
Main AttractionsCircus performances, Amusement park rides
WebsiteN/A (Permanently Closed)
MapCircus World Map

Circus World initially started with a few facilities like the circus museum, clown college and a big top tent where daily live shows were conducted. It later expanded to include amusement park rides and a broader selection of exhibitions and attractions. In its heyday, the park was known for spectacular stunts, including high-wire acts, acrobatic troupes, and even performances from the “Globe of Death”. However, financial struggles led to multiple changes in ownership and attempts at rebranding. Despite its memorable presence and service to the community, Circus World eventually closed its doors permanently in 1986.

Busch Gardens – The Dark Continent

Busch Gardens - The Dark Continent in Florida

Busch Gardens – The Dark Continent is a 335-acre African-themed animal theme park located in Tampa, Florida. The park features an exotic combination of thrilling rides, one of the country’s premier zoos with more than 12,000 animals, live shows, restaurants, shops, and games. Opened on March 31, 1959, it is owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

Location Tampa, Florida
Operating Hours 10 AM – 6 PM, may vary
Ticket Prices Starting at $89.99 for a single-day ticket
Main Attractions SheiKra, Cheetah Hunt, Montu, Kumba, Falcon’s Fury
Website https://buschgardens.com/tampa/
Map Busch Gardens – The Dark Continent Map

Busch Gardens is renowned for its elaborate festivals and events such as Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town that significantly enhance guests’ park experience throughout the year. Additionally, the park invests significantly in its animal conservation and education programs, reflecting the institution’s commitment to wildlife preservation. Tampa’s Busch Gardens is a distinct concoction of exhilarating entertainment and consequential conservation.

Creative Engineering Inc.

Creative Engineering Inc. in Florida

Creative Engineering Inc. is a renowned design and fabrication company based in Orlando, Florida. The company, established in 1980, specializes in animatronics, moving sculptures that mimic lifelike motion, and entertainment-based interactive human-robotic interfaces. Boasting a client portfolio spanning first-tier amusement parks, restaurants, expos, and more, Creative Engineering Inc. housed several of its groundbreaking projects at its on-site rock and roll robot world.

Location5401 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Florida 34746
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM, Sunday Closed.
Ticket Prices$72 per person for the 2-hour experience.
Main AttractionsAnimatronics displays, Rock and Roll Robot World, interactive displays
MapCreative Engineering Inc. Map

Creative Engineering Inc. has built a reputation not only for its supreme craftsmanship in creating mind-blowing animatronics but also for its dedication to innovation and technology. The firm’s motto, “if you can dream it, we can build it”, clearly enunciates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering and design. Its on-site attractions and creative projects have cemented the company’s position as a gem in Orlando’s vibrant creative scene.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa in Florida

Busch Gardens Tampa is a popular 335-acre animal theme park located in Tampa, Florida. Operated by SeaWorld Entertainment, it features thousands of exotic animals, thrilling roller coasters, live entertainment, and a myriad of other attractions, making it a preferred destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

Location10165 McKinley Dr, Tampa, Florida 33612
Operating HoursWednesday 10 AM – 6 PM Thursday to Tuesday 10 AM – 8 PM Saturday 10 AM – 10 PM Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM
Ticket PricesPrice starts at $99.99 for adults and $84.99 for children ages 3-11.
Main AttractionsMontu, SheiKra, Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt, Tigris, Congo River Rapids
MapBusch Gardens Tampa Map

Besides its heart-pumping rides, Busch Gardens Tampa boasts eateries that serve local and international cuisine, unique merchandise shops, and various interactive exhibits. Its iconic Serengeti Plain exhibit is home to a variety of African species and offers a unique safari tour that gives visitors an opportunity to encounter giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and other African animals. Additionally, the park regularly hosts special events throughout the year, such as the Food & Wine Festival, Summer Nights, and the cherished holiday celebration – Christmas Town.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island in Florida

Adventure Island, located in Tampa, Florida, is a water-themed amusement park owned by SeaWorld Entertainment. The park spans 30 acres and holds a multitude of both thrilling and relaxing rides and slides, making it an ideal destination for all ages.

Location10001 McKinley Dr, Tampa, Florida 33612
Operating HoursOpen from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekends.
Ticket PricesStarting price for the Ticket Only (ages 3+) is $47.99.
Main AttractionsColossal Curl, Vanish Point, Aruba Tuba, Calypso Coaster
MapAdventure Island Map

The tropical atmosphere rounds out the attractions and activities at Adventure Island. The park also features a 17,000-square-foot wave pool known as Endless Surf, various dining and shopping venues, and private cabanas across the park for visitors who desire a more luxurious experience. Adventure Island combines the fun of the sun with the excitement of white-knuckle rides to provide a unique, family-friendly experience in the heart of Tampa.

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