Kings Island Park Map 2022

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Kings Island park was opened in 1972 and is owned by Cedar fair making it a fellow sibling to Ohio Park, and Cedar Point. Kings Islands’ 50th anniversary is this year. The theme park was boosted by appearances on The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family, making it one of the best destinations for children and families. Kings Island park map 2022 shows the theme park’s abundant collection of games, attractions, shows, and rides. The Park has lots of popular attractions plus a few that are sure to catch your attention. 

Kings Island Park Guidelines

Kings Island park goes to extra lengths to ensure a reduced spread of germs among visitors in the Park. The Park’s staff understands that we are all in this together and should work together to ensure each person stays safe. Visitors are recommended to follow these Kings Island guidelines

  • Have one member of your group download the Park app.
  • Enable location services to get real-time updates from the Park.
  • Self-assess for potential covid-19 symptoms and reschedule if you think you have any.
  • Bring your season pass, printed or mobile.
  • Bring contactless payment (Kings Island is cashless).

Where is Kings Island Located?

Kings Island is at 6300 Kings Island Drive On Kings Island, Ohio. The park map shows various special events, including kids’ rides and attractions designed to give each visitor a thrilling experience.

Kings Island Kids Rides

There are various rides for kids at Kings Island, including roller coasters like Adventure Express and the Banshee, water rides like Aruba Tuba, character Carousel, and more. The rides at Kings Island have different height limits, but a huge selection of rides ensures each child has a fun time in the Park no matter their size.

Kings Island New Ride

Kings Island’s new ride, the Banshee, is rated five in the thrill level and is sure to give thrill-seekers something to scream about. The roller coaster has a 68-mph top speed and 208 ft elevation change from the ride’s highest point, plus other successions of unforgettable thrills. The ride takes three minutes, is 167 ft tall, and has a regular and fast lane. Enjoy other similar rides, including Diamondback and Orion.

Banshee Roller Coaster at Kings Island

Seasons Pass Tickets

Visitors can pay $145 to get Kings Island’s 2022 Gold Pass, which comes with many benefits, including unlimited visits, free parking all season, exclusive promotions, events, and more. The season pass benefits can change without notice, and you should call ahead for more information on what to expect.

Drinks and Dining

You can visit Skyline Chilli for a superb Cincinnati culinary experience followed by some tasty Graeter’s ice cream. You can add an all-season dining plan to the 2022 season pass for a single low price and enjoy some delicious lunch and dinner each time you visit in 2022!

Places to Stay

Camp Cedar

You could visit Camp Cedar and enjoy an urban camping experience. The camp is located a mile from Kings Island and is the best place for families to reconnect, refresh, and escape the grid. Enjoy comfortable, modern accommodations, delightful amenities, and extensive RV sites.

Preferred Hotels

There are several hotels you could visit if you are not one for camping. You can visit Hilton Garden Inn, SpringHill Suites, Homewood Suites, or TownPlace Suites, for a comfortable night with you and your family.

Plan Your Trip Today

There is so much to do at Kings Island it’s the perfect destination for kids, adults, friends, and families who want to bond over some thrill-seeking adventure. The Park has many fun activities to experience and provides the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have fun. What fun activity would you want to do first?

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