LEGOLAND California Resort Map 2021

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This Legoland California Resort map in 2021 features rides, shows, a water park, and an aquarium all located in Carlsbad, California. The resort includes two hotels: Legoland resort hotel and Legoland castle hotel.

Legoland, California, is located about thirty minutes north of San Diego and an hour south of Anaheim. The resort has more than 60 different rides with various shows and attractions. It provides an interactive, hands-on Lego-themed experience to families and children aged between two to 12.

If you want to plan for your vacation, you could check out our Legoland California resort map 2021 and get some tips and insights that can help guide you on your trip.

Legoland California Opening 2021

legoland california with lego character facing you

Legoland California resort is up and running; however, you may have to book your ticket or make reservations in advance because of limited capacity if you want a ticket. You’ll get the chance to buy any of these four tickets online:

  • 1-Day Theme Park Only starting from $94.99
  • 1-Day Theme Park Plus Aquarium starting from $104.99
  • Annual Passes starting from $179.99
  • Hotel + Tickets starting from $160

Legoland California Resort is open to guests from California. Out-of-state guests will have to show valid proof of Covid-19 vaccination completed within a minimum of 14 days and personal identification documents. Group sizes will be limited to three households.

Health & Safety Measures At Legoland California

  • Reduced capacity
  • Cashless payments
  • Social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes
  • Conveniently placed hand sanitizers


  • Getting into contact with sick people before traveling to Legoland California resort
  • Observe prior travel restrictions
  • Look for ‘stand here’ markers to help you maintain social distancing
  • Wear face coverings
  • Observe the highest possible hygiene standards

What To Do At Legoland California Resort

Legoland Theme Park

Legoland California resort has over sixty fantastic kid-powered rides, several shows, and attractions designed to be fun, ensuring that families and children between the ages of 2 to 12 have the best experience ever.

Journey through ancient Egypt, the Amazon forest, and the cold, icy Arctic, or race the waves as you dodge water blasts on the Aquazone wave racer. You could also be launched 15 ft. into the air, drop down, repeat on the beetle bounce or meet different characters from the Lego movies, watch live shows, and enjoy 4D movie experiences.

Legoland Water Park

If your child enjoys the water, they’ll love the not-so-lazy river. Build-a-Raft River provides them with the chance to apply their skills to build a raft, which they’ll use to float downstream. They’ll also get an opportunity to float down a crocodile’s mouth on Cragger’s swamp and get to have more fun on Crug’s run and other beautiful spots.

Legoland Sealife Aquarium

If your child loves the sea, then Sealife aquarium could be a great way to introduce them to sea life and combine hands-on learning with up-close encounters with sea animals, plus educational talks. Let your child learn more about the sea in a fun, interactive way.

Legoland California New Ride 2021

Lego movie world offers attractions, new rides, restaurants, and shops, plus immersive worlds where your favorite hit movies come to life.

You also get to enjoy the best Legoland new ride in 2021:

The Emmet flying adventure ride

The Emmet flying adventure coach is a flying triple-decker couch that transports you throughout the entire Lego movie universe in a full dome with a virtual screen. It provides you with a fun experience that pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re inside the actual lego world.

Queen Watevra’s Carousel

This ride is perfect for the youngsters who get to spin with the queen and sixty of her horses.

Unikitty Disco Drop

The innovative drop tower takes you along on a rainbow-filled ride based on Unikitty’s many moods. Rise to the tip of the cloud cuckoo, drop, twirl, and bounce back to earth in tandem with Unikitty’s emotions.

Sea At Night

Sea life’s new exhibit, Sea At Night, allows you to stroll in a gentle surf under the starry sky during the day. You could walk, ‘splash,’ and jump in a simulated bio-luminescent tide. While strollers are not permitted inside due to safety measures, exceptions can be made on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when the park is closed.


We hope this Legoland California Resort map 2021 helps provide you with tips on some of the best places you could visit in Legoland California. These are some of the best activities you wouldn’t want to miss out on, and if you are ready to have some fun, the Legoland California resort is the place to be. What activity are you planning to take part in?

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