Action Park Map and Brochure (1996)

Location: Vernon, New Jersey

Years Active: 1978 – 1996, 2014 – 2016

Located in the scenic surroundings of Vernon, New Jersey, Action Park was a thrilling destination that captured the hearts of adventure enthusiasts during its operation until its closure in 2016. This iconic theme park had earned a reputation as a haven for those in pursuit of excitement, attracting both daredevils and families seeking unforgettable experiences.

With the motto “Fun is Never Done,” Action Park had established itself as a hub of non-stop amusement, consistently pushing the boundaries of outdoor entertainment. The park’s theme centered on delivering thrills, and its roster of daring rides and attractions, including the legendary Cannonball Loop waterslide and the exhilarating Alpine Slide, had left visitors with unforgettable memories. Alongside its heart-pounding attractions, Action Park hosted a range of festivals throughout the years, celebrating seasons and holidays with unique events. Visitor statistics during its operational years attested to the park’s enduring popularity, with steadily increasing attendance figures.

While Action Park closed its doors in 2016, it will always be remembered as the premier destination for adventure and excitement in Vernon, New Jersey.

What happened to Action Park in New Jersey?

Action Park in New Jersey, originally opened in 1978, faced numerous safety concerns and accidents during its operation. It gained a notorious reputation as one of the most dangerous amusement parks in the United States. Several fatalities and numerous injuries occurred on its rides due to poor maintenance and lax safety regulations. The park underwent multiple ownership changes and closed in 1996, primarily due to financial and legal issues related to safety violations.

Is New Jersey Action Park still open?

Action Park in New Jersey is no longer open. After closing in 1996, the park reopened under different names and ownership, such as Mountain Creek Waterpark. The current status of the park may have changed since then, so it is advisable to check the latest information for its operational status.

Who is the owner of Action Park?

The ownership of Action Park has changed several times over the years. The park was originally founded by Eugene Mulvihill in 1978. However, due to various legal and financial issues, including lawsuits stemming from accidents and safety concerns, the ownership of the park transitioned through different entities.

Action Park Map 1996

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