Alaska State Fair Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Palmer, Alaska

Years Active: 1959 – Active

The Alaska State Fair is a wild celebration of everything Alaska has to offer. It’s part rodeo, part music festival, and pure Alaskan quirk rolled into one. August can’t come soon enough.

Think those giant pumpkins are crazy? Wait until you see the monster cabbages at the Giant Vegetable Weigh-off! You won’t believe your eyes. The fair also draws some seriously big-name musical acts – past concerts have surprised everyone. Keep an eye on who’s playing this year.

Skip the chain food stands and beeline for the local vendors. Reindeer sausage, fresh salmon… you’ll find the real taste of Alaska there.

The fairgrounds get PACKED, especially on weekends. If you hate crowds, go on a weekday or snag an early-bird parking pass to beat the rush. Planning pays off!

The Alaska State Fair is more than just rides and prize-winning livestock. This is where you feel the true energy of Alaska. It’s the perfect mix of down-home fun and that larger-than-life Alaskan spirit.

How long is the state fair in Alaska?

The Alaska State Fair typically spans a period of 12 days. This annual event offers a diverse range of entertainment, exhibits, and activities for visitors to enjoy. It usually takes place in late August through early September, serving as a celebration of Alaska’s culture, agriculture, and community spirit.

What city hosts Alaska State Fair?

The Alaska State Fair is hosted in the city of Palmer, which is located in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska. Palmer provides an ideal setting for the fair, with its picturesque surroundings and ample space to accommodate the numerous attractions and events that take place during the fair’s 12-day duration.

Alaska State Fair Map 2023

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