Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center Map and Brochure (2010)

Location: Ansonia, Connecticut

Years Active: 1970 – Active

Forget fancy nature preserves – Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center is the real deal. This place isn’t about manicured lawns and guided tours. It’s a little rough around the edges, with muddy trails and critters that might actually try to steal your snacks. That’s what makes it awesome.

If you love wildlife, go during “Wildlife Weekend.” It gets packed, but the animal demonstrations are worth it. Looking to escape the crowds? Hit the trails on a Tuesday afternoon – you might not see another soul.

Some folks might complain that it needs an upgrade. But honestly, that would ruin the charm. This place is for people who want to ditch the distractions and get back in touch with the wild side of nature.

Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center Map 2010

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