Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Gujan-Mestras, France

Years Active: 1995 – Active

Craving a splash-filled adventure in France? Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon promises fun, but hold on a minute. This isn’t your ultra-modern, tech-savvy water park experience. Think more classic thrills than cutting-edge innovation.

Sure, they’ve got slides, a wave pool, the typical stuff. But if you’re expecting record-breaking drops or mind-blowing rides, adjust your expectations.

Insider Tip: The “Rapids” slide is the real gem. It’s got twists, turns, and unexpected speed bursts that’ll surprise you.

So, should you ditch it entirely? That depends on your priorities! If you want relaxed family fun with a nostalgic vibe, it might be your jam. Just don’t expect the latest and greatest water park wizardry.

When was Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon built?

Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon was built in 1995. It has been a popular aquatic park destination since its inception, offering a variety of water-based attractions and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

How old is Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon?

Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon is 29 years old as of 2024. Since its establishment in 1995, the park has continued to evolve, adding new rides and attractions to provide an enjoyable experience for its guests.

Who owns Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon?

Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon is owned by Aspro Parks. Aspro Parks is a leading European leisure company that owns and operates numerous water parks, aquariums, and animal parks across several countries. Their ownership ensures the efficient management and maintenance of Aqualand Bassin d’Arcachon for visitors to enjoy.

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