Aqualand Maspalomas Map and Brochure (2020 – 2024)

Location: Las Palmas, Spain

Years Active: 1989 – Active

Tired of endless theme park queues and overpriced food? Ready for some old-school water park fun? Aqualand Maspalomas is here to deliver. Don’t expect the latest bells and whistles – this park is all about the classic water-soaked thrills.

Picture this: a network of twisting slides, a relaxing lazy river, and spacious areas for soaking up the Spanish sun. It’s a throwback to a time when water parks were about simple, splashy enjoyment.

Insider Tip: The park’s Congo River isn’t just for chilling. Grab a double tube, bring a friend, and prepare for a surprisingly thrilling ride with some unexpected twists and splashes.

Is Aqualand Maspalomas open all year round?

Aqualand Maspalomas operates year-round, offering aquatic entertainment regardless of the season. Its continuous operation ensures visitors can enjoy its attractions and amenities throughout the year, providing consistent recreational opportunities.

Can you take your own food to Aqualand Maspalomas?

Outside food is generally not permitted within the premises of Aqualand Maspalomas. However, the park features numerous dining options offering a variety of refreshments and meals to cater to visitors’ needs. These onsite food establishments ensure visitors can enjoy convenient dining experiences during their visit.

When was Aqualand Maspalomas built?

Aqualand Maspalomas was established in 1987, marking the inception of one of Spain’s premier water parks. Since its founding, the park has continued to evolve, adding new attractions and amenities to enhance the visitor experience. Its longstanding presence in the leisure industry underscores its significance as a popular destination for aquatic entertainment.

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