Atlantis Play Center Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Garden Grove, California

Years Active: 1963 – Active

Atlantis Play Center isn’t your average park. It’s been around since 1963, so it’s got a lot of old-school charm mixed with newer attractions. The highlight for most kids is the giant submarine built right into the playground. You can actually climb inside and explore! There’s a dragon-themed slide, a castle, and all the classic playground stuff you’d expect.

This place gets packed on weekends. If you can, visit on a weekday for fewer crowds.

They throw a lot of parties here – summer festivals, Halloween events. It breaks up the routine if you’re here with kids all the time. It’s not a huge park, but it’s free and definitely a great way to burn off some kid energy.

Atlantis Play Center Map 2023

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