Bay Beach Amusement Park Map and Brochure (2018 – 2023)

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Years Active: 1892 – Active

Okay, Bay Beach Amusement Park isn’t Disney World. But honestly, who wants the crowds and crazy prices that come with the most popular theme parks? This place is pure nostalgia – think rickety wooden roller coasters and that old-timey smell of popcorn and cotton candy.

Skip the long lines for the big rides. Hit up the Scrambler or Tilt-a-Whirl – they’re old-school favorites and always a blast. Bay Beach does the Fourth of July right, so expect a packed house, but the fireworks are worth battling for a spot.

It’s not the newest, shiniest park, but that’s its magic. You can practically feel the history here. Plus, the prices are ridiculously cheap compared to big theme parks. They’re always adding new stuff too, which keeps it exciting. Want classic amusement park fun without the hassle? This is your spot.

How Many Rides Does Bay Beach Green Bay Offer?

Bay Beach Amusement Park, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, features an impressive array of 21 rides and attractions designed to cater to a diverse audience. These rides encompass a variety of classics, including the timeless Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a beautifully adorned carousel, the thrilling tilt-a-whirl, and a delightful miniature train. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Bay Beach offers exhilarating options like the iconic Zippin Pippin roller coaster and the swinging sensation known as the Yo-Yo ride. With its extensive selection of rides, Bay Beach Amusement Park promises an enjoyable and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages in the Green Bay area.

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