Bayern Park Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Reisbach, Germany

Years Active: 1985 – Active

Bayern Park isn’t your average theme park. It’s been around since 1985, so it has that slightly worn-in charm older parks get. Don’t expect shiny perfection – expect honest-to-goodness fun. If you love the buzz of classic amusement rides, this place is for you.

They’ve got all the usual suspects: rollercoasters, water rides, the works. Their big draw is the “Freischütz” – a seriously intense launch coaster. But don’t sleep on the smaller rides. Some of those older carousels and boat trips have a surprising amount of pep!

The Bavarian theme is more than just window dressing. You’ll find some legit German food alongside the standard park fare. Insider tip: go hungry and hit up the sausage stands! They also go all-out with seasonal festivals – it gets packed, but the atmosphere is electric.

Bayern Park Map 2023

Bayern Park Map 2021

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