13 Best Theme Parks in Kansas

Kansas might not scream “theme park haven,” but don’t let that fool you. This state has some seriously fun spots to let loose! You’ll find everything from classic coasters to splash-tastic water parks.

But there’s one park that stands out. It hides a secret – a record-breaking, crazy-long waterslide. Can you imagine the rush? It’s the perfect cure for anyone tired of the same old, same old.

So, which park is it? Where can you find this wild ride? Get the inside scoop on that and all the best theme parks Kansas has to offer.

Insider Tip: The record-breaking slide isn’t just long – it’s high! You start way up on a platform, so expect incredible views before the thrilling drop.

Splash Aqua Park

Forget boring pools! Splash Aqua Park in Wichita is THE spot for wet and wild summer fun. Slides, obstacle courses – it’s like a giant playground on the water. This place will wear you out in the best way possible. Kids love it, and honestly, adults secretly do too.

LocationWichita, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGiant Slides, Climbing Walls, Trampolines, Runways
MapSplash Aqua Park Map

Looking for a party? Splash does birthdays, groups, the whole works. Just know, this place isn’t about lounging with a fancy cocktail. It’s pure, chaotic energy.

Here’s the deal: weekdays are your best bet if crowds give you a headache. But if you thrive on that water park buzz, weekends are your jam! Either way, bring your sunscreen and get ready to make a splash.

Insider Tip: The big slide is the obvious draw, but don’t miss the obstacle course. Think of it like a giant inflatable “Wipeout” challenge!

Long Branch Lagoon

Long Branch Lagoon in Kansas

Long Branch Lagoon in Dodge City is your ticket to old-school water park fun. Think classic slides, a lazy river, and plenty of space for the kiddos to splash around. It’s a great family spot, especially if you’ve got a mix of ages in your crew.

LocationDodge City, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLazy River, Wave Pool, Boogie Bahn, Activity Pool, Aquatic Play Structure
MapLong Branch Lagoon Map

Don’t expect the newest, flashiest rides here. This place is more about reliving those childhood water park memories. If that’s your vibe, you’re in luck! Summer is the time to go, especially if you want to catch their “Flick n’ Float” movie nights – a super cool way to chill out after a day in the sun.

One warning: the “relaxing” lazy river isn’t always so relaxing. It gets PACKED. If floating is your goal, hit it early or be prepared to share your tube with a few strangers.

Insider Tip: The big slide line looks worse than it is. Most people are too intimidated, so it actually moves pretty fast! Don’t miss out.

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park in Kansas

Kenwood Cove in Salina is a good ol’ fashioned water park. Think slides, a lazy river (if you can call it that!), and a splash zone for the little ones. Perfect if you want to relive those childhood water park days with your own kids.

LocationSalina, Kansas
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsLil’ Smoky Children’s Pool, Lazy River, Wave Pool, Giant Water Slides, Family Pool
MapKenwood Cove Aquatic Park Map

Let’s be real: this place isn’t fancy. Don’t expect mind-blowing rides. But if you just want to cool off and have some laughs, it totally delivers. Summer weekends? Forget about it. You’ll spend all day in line. Weekdays are your best bet.

That lazy river is a joke. More like a bumper-to-bumper floatie traffic jam. But hey, the wave pool is fun, and the slides might surprise you!

Insider Tip: Skip the main food area. It’s overpriced and the lines are crazy. Bring your own snacks and drinks if you can. That way, you spend more time splashing and less time waiting.

Wetlands Waterpark

Wetlands Waterpark in Kansas

Forget fancy resorts – Wetlands Waterpark in Emporia is where the real summer fun happens. Slides, a lazy river, all the classic stuff. It’s a solid choice for families, especially if you’ve got kids who are obsessed with water.

LocationEmporia, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTurbulent Twister slide, Avalanche slide, Lazy River, Wave Pool
MapWetlands Waterpark Map

Want the latest, craziest water park experience? You won’t find that here. Wetlands is more about low-key fun than cutting-edge thrills. But honestly, sometimes a good water slide is all you need!

Pro tip: that lazy river is anything but relaxing. Too many people, not enough tubes. If chilling out is your goal, skip it altogether. Emporia summers are brutal, so the park is packed from June to September. Go early in the season if you can.

Insider Tip: There’s a smaller slide tucked away in the back that’s usually empty. It’s actually super fun and a great escape from the main slide lines!

Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park

Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park in Kansas

Rock River Rapids in Derby is your classic summer water park experience. Slides? Check. Lazy River? Yep. Kiddie pool? Of course! It’s a great spot for families, especially if your kids are water-obsessed.

LocationDerby, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLap Pool, Lazy River, Kiddie Pool, Tube Slide, Body Slide, Play Structure
MapRock River Rapids Aquatic Park Map

Now, this place doesn’t have any mind-blowing, cutting-edge rides. But if you just want to splash around and cool off, it’s perfect. Summer weekends are a total zoo, so be prepared for crowds if that’s when you go.

The lazy river gets hyped up, but honestly, it’s more of a crowded float. And pro tip: skip the wave pool unless you like battling for space. Honestly, the slides are where the real fun is at!

Insider Tip: The kiddie pool has a hidden area with smaller slides and water features. Perfect if you’ve got toddlers or little ones who get overwhelmed by the big kid chaos!

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park in Kansas

Think Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City is the ultimate indoor water park experience? Well, it depends on your definition of “ultimate”. This place is basically kiddie paradise… and a parent’s potential nightmare.

Sure, the giant water treehouse is cool, and the slides are decent. If your kids scream with joy at the mere sight of water, they’ll have a blast. But if you value personal space and hate crowds, steer clear. This place gets PACKED.

LocationKansas City, Kansas
Cost Range$$$
Main AttractionsFort Mackenzie, Howlin’ Tornado, Albert’s Apples, Totem Towers, River Canyon Run, raccoon lagoon
MapGreat Wolf Lodge Water Park Map

Let’s talk cost: bring your fat wallet. Everything is overpriced. And those fancy “passes” they push? Total ripoff unless you’re planning to live in the water park for your entire stay.

Bottom line: Great Wolf Lodge IS fun if you’re prepared for organized chaos and have some cash to burn. Your kids will adore it. You might survive.

Insider Tip 1: The arcade is a total money trap. Set a budget with your kids before they lay eyes on those flashing lights.

Insider Tip 2: Look for off-season deals. The price difference can be huge, and your sanity will thank you.

Zip KC

Zip KC in Kansas

Ziplining not just for nature nerds? Trust me, Zip KC in Bonner Springs will change your mind. Ditch those hiking boots and get ready to see Kansas from a whole new angle! This place is a blast for anyone who likes a little adrenaline rush.

LocationBonner Springs, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTower Tour, Ninja Training, Sunset Zipline Tour, Night Flight Zipline Tour
MapZip KC Map

Group outing? Family adventure? Solo escape from boredom? Zip KC has you covered. Their staff is awesome (especially if you’re secretly terrified of heights). They’ve even got special packages for the kiddos.

Pro tip: Summer zipping is for hardcore folks only. Spring and fall are where it’s at – cooler temps and way prettier views. And seriously, if you can swing it, their Sunset Zipline Tour is insane. Just imagine those Kansas sunsets while you’re flying through the air!

Insider Tip: Don’t think you have to start on the biggest, craziest zipline. Ease yourself in and work your way up. You’ll be surprised how quickly you go from nervous to hooked!

Adventure Bay Family Water Park

Adventure Bay Family Water Park in Kansas

Need to escape the Kansas heat? Adventure Bay Family Water Park in Liberal has got your back. Slides, a lazy river, all the water park staples. It’s a solid choice for families, especially those with a mix of kids who like to splash.

LocationLiberal, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLazy river, wave pool, mini golf, lap pool, slides
MapAdventure Bay Family Water Park Map

Let’s be real: this isn’t some fancy resort water park. It’s more like your childhood water park dreams came true. Which is awesome, as long as you’re not expecting insane, cutting-edge rides. And that mini-golf course? Surprisingly fun.

Pro tip: Weekends are a madhouse. If you hate crowds, plan to go on a weekday if possible. Your sanity will thank you.

Insider Tip 1: Their biggest slide always has a crazy line. Skip it, the other slides are just as fun and you won’t waste an hour of your life waiting.

Insider Tip 2: The food options are…not amazing. Pack your own snacks if you can, or be prepared to live off overpriced hot dogs and nachos.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas

Schlitterbahn in Kansas City has a reputation for its wild and crazy thrill rides. And hey, they’re not exaggerating. If you like that feeling of your stomach dropping out, this place has you covered. They’ve got a decent kids’ area too, in case you need to bribe your little ones after terrifying them on the big slides.

LocationKansas City, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsSoaring Eagle Zipline, Boogie Bahn, Cyclone, Torrent River, Storm Blaster
MapSchlitterbahn Waterpark Map

Let’s talk reality: This place is a magnet for crowds. Be prepared to get VERY friendly with strangers, especially if you go on a weekend. Also, don’t expect a pristine, modern resort-style experience. Schlitterbahn has more of an “old reliable” water park vibe.

Is it fun? Sure! Just go in knowing what you’re getting: thrilling rides, big crowds, and a slightly worn-down atmosphere.

Insider Tip 1: Their claim to fame “tallest waterslide” thing is mostly for bragging rights. Way more intimidating than it is fun!

Insider Tip 2: Unless you LOVE waiting in lines, pack your own snacks and drinks. Their concessions are a slow-moving disaster.

Blast Off Bay

Blast Off Bay in Kansas

Ever wanted to blast off into space? Well, Blast Off Bay won’t take you to the moon, but it’s a fun space-themed amusement park. They’ve got the usual mix of kiddie rides, coasters, and cheesy space-themed exhibits. Perfect if you’ve got a mix of ages in your group and everyone likes a good dose of theme park chaos.

LocationGoddard, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGalaxy Express Roller Coaster, Spacewalk Skyway, Little Astronaut Land, Planetarium, Mars Rover Madness
MapBlast Off Bay Map

Who will love Blast Off Bay? Space nerds, sure, but really, any family looking for a day of rides and overpriced snacks will have a good time. They do some cool themed events in the summer, so that’s the best time to go if you want the full experience.

Insider Tip 1: Their biggest coaster always has a HUGE line. Try the smaller, spinnier ones instead – they’re more fun anyway!

Insider Tip 2: The space-themed food is hilarious, but mostly just overpriced versions of normal theme park food. Eat before you go, or plan to live off cotton candy and hotdogs.

All Star Adventures

All Star Adventures in kansas

All Star Adventures in Wichita is the kind of place where childhood dreams and adult regrets collide. Go-karts! Mini-golf! Arcade games I haven’t seen since the ’90s! Perfect for unleashing your inner kid (and then immediately questioning your life choices).

LocationWichita, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMini Golf, Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages, Arcade
MapAll Star Adventures Map

Look, this place is cheesy. That’s half the fun. If you love the nostalgic vibe of a classic amusement park, you’ll get a kick out of it. If you hate crowds and sticky floors, well… maybe find a nice museum instead.

Obviously, summer is when the outdoor stuff is open. But don’t underestimate the year-round appeal of those glorious air-conditioned arcade games!

Insider Tip 1: Embrace the chaos. Don’t go expecting a relaxing day. Lean into the fact that you’re likely to get bumped by tiny humans on the go-kart track.

Insider Tip 2: The food is exactly what you’d expect. Plan accordingly (aka sneak in your own snacks).

Field Station: Dinosaurs

Field Station: Dinosaurs in Kansas

Dinosaur fans, get ready! Field Station: Dinosaurs in Derby promises a roaring good time. They’ve got over 40 animatronic dinos, plus shows, games, and hands-on stuff. It’s a hit with kids, and honestly, even adults will learn a thing or two.

LocationDerby, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLive shows, Games, Dig site, Treks, Cretaceous Dance Party, Tiny Tots Sing along
MapField Station: Dinosaurs Map

This place is ALL about the dinosaur experience, not fancy rides or high-tech attractions. If your kid is obsessed with dinos, they’ll go nuts. Want a relaxing day? Maybe skip this one – it’s loud, chaotic, and packed with excited kids.

Pro tip: Go early in the day! It gets WAY more crowded in the afternoon. Spring and summer are best, but they do cool indoor stuff in the winter too.

Insider Tip: The “fossil dig” area is surprisingly fun for all ages. Get ready for some sandy elbows, but everyone finds something cool to bring home.

Wild West World Inc

07/09/2004 Message from Thomas Etheridge the owner of Wild West World Inc.:

The weather and lack of cash flow have made it impossible for us to keep it open. It pains us to reach this point, but we have to close the park and find a buyer who can reopen and run it. We hate to do it, but we don’t see any other alternative.

Ever wanted to play cowboy? Wild West World in Park City claims to be your ticket to the Old West. They’ve got horseback riding, dusty main streets, even staged shootouts! It’s kitschy fun, especially if you’ve got kids who are into the whole cowboy thing.

LocationPark City, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThrowback Saloons, Western Horse Rides, Cowboy Shows
WebsiteNot available
MapWild West World Inc Map

Let’s be real: this place is cheesy. In the best possible way. Don’t expect a super authentic historical experience. Think more along the lines of a family-friendly Western theme park.

Pro tip: Go in spring or fall. Summer in Kansas is brutal, and you don’t want to be playing cowboy in 100-degree heat. Also, those off-seasons are WAY less crowded!

Insider Tip: The “saloons” mostly just serve kid-friendly food. Plan to eat before or after if you want a real meal. But they do have surprisingly good sarsaparilla!

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