13 Best Theme Parks in Kansas

Exploring the best theme parks in Kansas reveals a side of the Sunflower State that bursts with unexpected excitement and adventures. This journey takes us through landscapes dotted with thrilling roller coasters, enchanting family attractions, and water parks that promise a cool respite on hot summer days. Among these treasures, a particular park distinguishes itself with a globally unparalleled attraction, offering an experience that’s both unique and record-breaking.

Which best theme park in Kansas boasts the longest waterslide in the world? Dive into our guide to discover this standout attraction along with other premier destinations for entertainment and thrills in Kansas.

Splash Aqua Park

Summer fun and aquatic adventures await at Splash Aqua Park in Wichita, Kansas – your new favorite destination to cool down and enjoy numerous water games. With attractions ranging from giant slides to obstacle courses, the park ensures an exhilarating escapade for every visitor.

LocationWichita, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGiant Slides, Climbing Walls, Trampolines, Runways
MapSplash Aqua Park Map

The park is ideal for adventure seekers of all ages, including families, friends, and even solo thrill-seekers. The various challenges at the park will surely test your agility while keeping you drenched to the core, forming a perfect blend of fitness and fun. The destination also serves as an excellent spot for celebrations and events such as birthdays or team outings.

From late spring to early fall, the park offers an exhilarating escape from the heat. Weekdays are often less crowded, but if you prefer the true hustle and bustle of water park energy, weekends and holidays are the best. At the end of the day, no matter when you decide to drop by, make sure to prepare yourself for an experience full of splashes and smiles!

Long Branch Lagoon

Long Branch Lagoon in Kansas

Welcome to Long Branch Lagoon in Dodge City, Kansas! This fabulous water park offers thrilling rides, relaxing lounges, and exciting attractions for the whole family.

LocationDodge City, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLazy River, Wave Pool, Boogie Bahn, Activity Pool, Aquatic Play Structure
MapLong Branch Lagoon Map

This waterpark is suitable for both big and small kids with plenty of fun activities for both. With a thrilling Boogie Bahn for the adventurous, a relaxing Lazy River for those who’d prefer to take things a bit slow, and an Activity Pool for the youngest of visitors, there’s no end to the enjoyment.

If you’re planning to visit, the best time is during the summer months when all of the attractions are in full swing. You won’t want to miss their special events like the Friday night “Flick n’ Float” where you can watch movies right from your floating tube! So, plan your visit to Long Branch Lagoon and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park in Kansas

If you’re in search of a refreshing escape on a hot summer day, look no further than Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park in Salina. This treat of a park is a family-friendly spectacle that blends fun, thrill, and relaxation for all age groups.

LocationSalina, Kansas
Cost Range$
Main AttractionsLil’ Smoky Children’s Pool, Lazy River, Wave Pool, Giant Water Slides, Family Pool
MapKenwood Cove Aquatic Park Map

Without a doubt, The Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park is a real catch for families that cherish spending quality time together. Whether you’re seeking some adrenaline-pumping action on the giant slides or a tranquil drift down the lazy river, there’s no shortage of fun here. The Lil’ Smoky Children’s Pool is perfect for your little ones with its baby-friendly features. And guess what? Adults aren’t left out. Grab some chill time while the kids play – just bask in the family pool or wave pool.

The park is open from late May through early September, with June to August seeing the most visitor traffic. If you’re not a fan of enormous crowds, scheduling your visit during weekdays would be ideal. Rest assured, every visit promises delightfully splashy memories!

Wetlands Waterpark

Wetlands Waterpark in Kansas

Looking for a splashin’ good time? Wetlands Waterpark in Emporia, Kansas is your go-to destination for fun in the sun. From thrilling slides to a relaxing lazy river, this park has it all.

LocationEmporia, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTurbulent Twister slide, Avalanche slide, Lazy River, Wave Pool
MapWetlands Waterpark Map

If you’re a water-loving adventurer or a beginner looking for your first splashy thrill, Wetlands Waterpark is a great destination. It’s perfect for families as there are a variety of attractions to suit all ages, from the thrill-seekers looking for a wild slide down the Turbulent Twister to those looking to relax and float down the Lazy River.

Summers are pretty hot in Emporia and nothing cools you down like a day at Wetlands Waterpark. So, get your swimsuits ready and plan your trip around mid-June to early-September when the park is operational. See you there, splash-seekers!

Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park in Kansas

Craving a splash of summer fun? Look no further than Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park in Derby, Kansas! This water wonderland is packed with slides, pools, and play areas that promise gallons of fun for everyone.

LocationDerby, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLap Pool, Lazy River, Kiddie Pool, Tube Slide, Body Slide, Play Structure
MapRock River Rapids Aquatic Park Map

Rock River Rapids Aquatic Park is the perfect destination for families, particularly those with younger children. The range of attractions ensures that no one ever gets bored. There’s the Lap Pool for fitness enthusiasts, the Lazy River for those seeking relaxation, and the Kiddie Pool to keep the youngsters entertained. Thrill-seekers will adore the Tube Slide and Body Slide, while the Play Structure keeps the fun on land as well!

Summer is undeniably the best time to visit as the park operates from late May to early August. Head over on a hot day and cool off with the amazing water-based entertainment. Be sure to remember your sunscreen though! Happy Splashing!

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park in Kansas

If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure packed with fun, the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park in Kansas City is a must-visit. It offers a fantastic indoor water park experience that guarantees joyful screams and laughter, regardless of the weather outside

LocationKansas City, Kansas
Cost Range$$$
Main AttractionsFort Mackenzie, Howlin’ Tornado, Albert’s Apples, Totem Towers, River Canyon Run, raccoon lagoon
MapGreat Wolf Lodge Water Park Map

This water park is a hit with families, especially those with young children. At the heart of the park is Fort Mackenzie – a multi-story, interactive tree house filled with fun water-based toys, tipping buckets, and thrilling waterslides. For the thrill-seekers in the family, the Howlin’ Tornado’s long, twisting, funnels are a must-try. Additionally, tot-friendly activities such as the Cub Paw Pool, provide little ones with their own water-filled fun.

If you’re planning a visit, remember that weekends and school holiday periods are usually busiest. Consider visiting on weekdays or during off-peak seasons to enjoy shorter wait times for attractions. Despite the crowds, the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park promises a howling good time for the entire family. So grab your swimsuits and get ready for an unforgettable splash-filled adventure!

Zip KC

Zip KC in Kansas

Whether you’re a daredevil seeking a thrilling experience or you’re just a nature-loving adventurer, Zip KC in Bonner Springs, Kansas, is your go-to place. This unique place offers you the chance to experience the breathtaking views of Kansas from high above, through exhilarating zip line courses.

LocationBonner Springs, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsTower Tour, Ninja Training, Sunset Zipline Tour, Night Flight Zipline Tour
MapZip KC Map

Zip KC is perfect for groups of friends, families, and even companies looking for team building activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced adrenaline junkie or a first-time zip liner; their friendly and experienced staff ensure you have a safe, thrilling experience. They also have packages suited for children, making it a perfect destination for a family outing.

The best time to visit Zip KC would be around late spring or early fall. You get to avoid the summer heat and enjoy the beautiful colors of changing seasons while soaring through the sky. Plus, their Sunset Zipline Tour is an unbeatable experience, as you get to see the beautiful Kansas sky light up in hues of orange and pink, providing a truly unforgettable view as you zip line your way through.

Adventure Bay Family Water Park

Adventure Bay Family Water Park in Kansas

If you’re in Liberal, Kansas, and looking for some thrilling and splashy fun, Adventure Bay Family Water Park is the place to be. This award-winning water park offers a variety of aquatic attractions for the whole family.

LocationLiberal, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLazy river, wave pool, mini golf, lap pool, slides
MapAdventure Bay Family Water Park Map

Adventure Bay Family Water Park is perfect for families with kids of all ages. The gentle currents of the lazy river and the toddler-friendly Wading Cove make it a safe and fun environment for children. Meanwhile, the more adventurous can try out the high-intensity wave pool or the thrilling slides. Plus, they offer a unique combination of water and golf fun with their mini-golf course, making it a hit with golf-loving parents.

The best time to visit would be during the summer months when the Kansas heat calls for some water fun. The park is typically less crowded during weekdays, so you can enjoy all the attractions without having to wait in long lines. Remember to pack your swimsuits, sunblock, and be ready to have an unforgettable day with your family!

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas

Prepare for the thrill of a lifetime as we take a ride through Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City. This waterpark boasts breathtaking attractions that have been setting records and winning awards for almost a decade.

LocationKansas City, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsSoaring Eagle Zipline, Boogie Bahn, Cyclone, Torrent River, Storm Blaster
MapSchlitterbahn Waterpark Map

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City provides endless fun for both families and thrill seekers alike. With a good blend of heart-racing slides and drops for adrenaline junkies and a dedicated Kids’ Area for the little ones, there’s something for everyone. That’s why Schlitterbahn is renowned for putting a big smile on everyone’s face, whether you’re 8 or 80.

For an exceptionable visit to Schlitterbahn, aim for a weekday in the summer where the sun is beaming, the queues are short, and the fun never stops. Remember to pack your sun cream and get ready for a splashing good time!

Blast Off Bay

Blast Off Bay in Kansas

Welcome to Blast Off Bay, a fantastic theme park that brings celestial wonders to you. At Blast Off Bay, we make the galactic experience accessible and fun for everyone, regardless of age. Whether you’re into roller coasters or educational exhibits, or both, this park is a must-visit.

LocationGoddard, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsGalaxy Express Roller Coaster, Spacewalk Skyway, Little Astronaut Land, Planetarium, Mars Rover Madness
MapBlast Off Bay Map

For who is this park perfect for? Families, friends, classmates, couples – pretty much anyone who loves amusement parks and is interested in space! With thrilling rides and installations that cater to different age groups and preferences, everyone is guaranteed a blast (pun intended). There are also a ton of eateries and shops within the park that offer space-themed merchandise and food.

When is the best time to visit? The park often holds special themed events in the summer, so that’s the time to visit for special attractions and festivities. However, the park is open throughout the year, and each season provides a unique experience. So whether you are watching the roller coasters against the backdrop of winter flurries or enjoying a space-themed ice cream in the summer, at Blast Off Bay, you’re always in for a cosmic experience.

All Star Adventures

All Star Adventures in kansas

All Star Adventures, proudly known as the “Park of Fun,” offers an electrifying mix of attractions and entertainment for everyone in Wichita, Kansas. With endless action-packed indoor and outdoor activities, All Star Adventures guarantees a fascinating, unforgettable experience for the whole family.

LocationWichita, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsMini Golf, Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Batting Cages, Arcade
MapAll Star Adventures Map

If you’re searching for a fun-filled venue that caters to all ages, All Star Adventures is unquestionably the best match. Kids love the mini-golf, batting cages, and bumper boats, while thrill-seekers get a kick out of the roaring go-karts. There’s also an array of arcade games that appeal to everyone—from kids to gamers to grandparents.

Summertime is arguably the best time to visit All Star Adventures, as the outdoor attractions truly come to life then. However, thanks to the indoor attractions, the park offers year-round fun. So, you can pop in anytime you wish for your daily dosage of adventure. Come ready for a pulsating day of fun, laughter, and making memories.

Field Station: Dinosaurs

Field Station: Dinosaurs in Kansas

Attention all dinosaur lovers! Field Station: Dinosaurs, nestled in the heart of Derby, Kansas, whisks you back millions of years to when these magnificent creatures ruled the world. Boasting over 40 life-sized moving dinosaurs, this prehistoric adventure is an educational, entertaining, and engaging experience for explorers of all ages.

LocationDerby, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsLive shows, Games, Dig site, Treks, Cretaceous Dance Party, Tiny Tots Sing along
MapField Station: Dinosaurs Map

Field Station: Dinosaurs is best suited for kids and families who are ready for some Roar-some adventure! With live shows featuring incredible puppetry, hands-on activities, and scientific games, youngsters have the chance to engage with dinosaurs in a fun, interactive way. Not only is it kid-friendly, but it’s also an exciting learning experience for adults.

The ideal time to visit is during spring and summer when all activities are in full swing. Mornings tend to be less crowded, allowing you to catch that T-Rex roar without interruption! So grab your explorer’s hat, and prepare for a day of epic dinosaur discovery.

Wild West World Inc

07/09/2004 Message from Thomas Etheridge the owner of Wild West World Inc.:

The weather and lack of cash flow have made it impossible for us to keep it open. It pains us to reach this point, but we have to close the park and find a buyer who can reopen and run it. We hate to do it, but we don’t see any other alternative.

Howdy, partners! Ready for a rootin’, tootin’ adventure? Get ready to dive knee-deep into the Wild West at Wild West World Inc in Park City. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey into history, where the cowboys ruled, and the saloons were as lively as a bar of gold!

LocationPark City, Kansas
Cost Range$$
Main AttractionsThrowback Saloons, Western Horse Rides, Cowboy Shows
WebsiteNot available
MapWild West World Inc Map

Wild West World Inc is a perfect fit for history enthusiasts and experience seekers who want to dive head first into a unique adventure. Who doesn’t enjoy a thrilling horse ride beneath the stunning Kanasa skies, or a riveting cowboy show that takes you back in time to the rugged, wild days of the Old West? Every feature in this park is carefully designed to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life to the wild, wild West.

The perfect time to visit might be in the spring or fall, when the weather is just right – the temperatures are mild, and plants are in bloom. And, above all, these are off-peak seasons. So you know what that means? Fewer folks! More time for you to enjoy the ‘saloon hopping’, the rides, and all this park has to offer. Buckle up, partner, and prepare for the thrill of a lifetime!

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