Beto Carrero World Map and Brohure (2023)

Location: Penha, Brazil

Years Active: 1991 – Active

Beto Carrero World it’s not Disneyland, and that’s the point. This sprawling Brazilian theme park has a rough-around-the-edges charm that’s entirely its own. If you love high-octane roller coasters like FireWhip, you’ll be in heaven. The shows can be hit or miss – Madagascar Circus Show is a crowd favorite, but some of the others feel dated.

Want in on a secret? Weekday visits equal shorter lines. Yeah, you’ll miss some of the weekend atmosphere, but you’ll ride twice as much. Also, pack your own snacks. Park food is pricey and nothing special. Beto Carrero World is an adventure, especially if you’re used to polished American parks. Just come ready for the unexpected, and you’ll likely leave with a grin.

Beto Carrero World Map 2023

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