Blank Park Zoo Map and Brochure (2015 – 2023)

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Years Active: 1966 – Active

Located in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, Blank Park Zoo has been captivating visitors since its opening on April 22, 1966. With a strong focus on wildlife conservation, this beloved zoo features a wide range of attractions, including Amur tigers, red pandas, African lions, a dynamic aviary, a sea lion habitat, and an enchanting butterfly garden, all showcasing the diversity of life on our planet.

Blank Park Zoo is not only a place for entertainment but also a hub for education and awareness. The zoo hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, such as Boo at the Zoo during Halloween and the Zoo Brew series for adults, providing unique opportunities for the community to connect with wildlife and support conservation efforts. Recent visitor statistics reveal an annual attendance of over half a million, highlighting its significance in Des Moines.

With a commitment to growth and conservation, Blank Park Zoo has ambitious expansion plans in the pipeline. These include creating new habitats, enhancing existing exhibits, and implementing cutting-edge conservation initiatives. These efforts ensure that Blank Park Zoo continues to inspire and educate visitors while playing a crucial role in preserving our planet’s precious wildlife.

What is the Description of Blank Park Zoo?

Blank Park Zoo, located in Des Moines, Iowa, was established in 1963 and spans approximately 49 acres. It plays a significant role as a cultural and educational institution in the region, dedicated to wildlife conservation and education. The zoo offers a diverse range of animal species for visitors to observe, aiming to inspire and educate through exhibits, educational programs, and animal encounters.

Does Blank Park Zoo have Lions?

Yes, Blank Park Zoo houses a pride of lions. The zoo’s lion exhibit provides an opportunity for visitors to observe these majestic big cats up close, learn about their African habitat, natural behaviors, and the zoo’s contributions to lion conservation.

Does Blank Park Zoo have Monkeys?

Indeed, Blank Park Zoo features various monkey species within its collection. Primate exhibits at the zoo allow visitors to observe the social interactions and unique behaviors of these monkeys while highlighting the importance of rainforest conservation efforts. These exhibits aim to raise awareness about primate protection and provide an engaging educational experience for zoo-goers.

Blank Park Zoo Map 2023

Blank Park Zoo Map 2016

Blank Park Zoo Map 2015

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