Boblo Island Map and Brochure (1987)

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Years Active: 1898 – 1993

Boblo Island Theme Park, located in the Detroit River, closed its doors in 1993. Since its 1898 opening, it had been a beloved destination, capturing the early 20th-century entertainment spirit with vintage charm and preserved architecture. This historic amusement park showcased the golden age of amusement parks, featuring iconic attractions like the Boblo Island Dance Pavilion, Carousel, and Roller Coaster. The park also hosted various festivals and events, such as the Jazz Festival and Food and Wine Expo, providing year-round excitement.

Though it closed in 1993, Boblo Island Theme Park’s legacy lives on in Detroit’s entertainment history. Future plans include new rides, attractions, and educational exhibits to celebrate its rich history and enchant future generations.

What happened to Boblo Island Detroit?

Boblo Island, located in the Detroit River, was a popular amusement park and resort destination for much of the 20th century. It featured a variety of attractions, including an amusement park with rides and entertainment venues. However, due to declining attendance and financial difficulties, Boblo Island closed its doors in 1993. Subsequently, the park’s rides were sold, and the island’s infrastructure gradually deteriorated.

Is Boblo Island in Canada or US?

Boblo Island is situated in the United States. It is located in the Detroit River, between the state of Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. The island was a well-known recreational spot accessible by ferry from both sides of the border, drawing visitors from both the United States and Canada during its heyday as an amusement park.

Boblo Island Amusement Park Map 1987

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