Panorama Park Brochure 2001

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The amusement park is located in the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge nature park on the western roof of the Rothaargebirge main ridge in the Oberhundem district of the Kirchhundem community – about 6 km (as the crow flies ) east-southeast of its core town. It spreads around the Eggenkopf ( 649 m above sea level ) south of Kreisstraße 22 ( Rinsecker Straße ), which leads from the district of Rinsecke past the park entrance to Landesstraße 553 in the east. The latter connects winding Oberhundem in the northwest with Rüspe (both to Kirchhundem) in the southeast and then further to the southeastRöspe (to Erndtebrück ) in the valley of the Eder.

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