Cable Way Amusement Map and Brochure (1952)

Location: Beppu, Japan

Years Active: 1929 – 2008, 2009 – Active

In 1929, the Beppu Rakutenchi amusement park on Mount Tateishi introduced a distinctive rail line, serving as a gateway to the park. Despite its classification as public transit rather than an amusement ride, passengers are required to purchase admission to the amusement park in order to ride the funicular line. However, residents of Otobaru, the local settlement on the mountain, are exempt from this fee. Notably, this rail line stands out in the country for its operation by Okamoto MFG (岡本製作所, Okamoto Seisakujo), a company renowned for producing amusement rides.

In July 2008, Okamoto made an announcement stating that the park would cease operations at the end of August 2008 unless a suitable successor could be found. One contributing factor to this setback was the inability to secure a Chinese circus team with two pandas, attributed to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Fortunately, in August, Okamoto managed to find a buyer for the park: Kyūshū Kankō Hōmu, a real estate company based in Ōita. However, negotiations between the companies faltered in October 2008, ultimately leading to the park’s closure on November 30, 2008.

It wasn’t until July 18, 2009, that the park and funicular resumed their operations.

Cable Way Amusement Brochure 1952

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