Camden Park Map and Brochure (2021)

Location: Huntington, West Virginia

Years Active: 1903 – Active

Located in the scenic city of Huntington, West Virginia, Camden Park stands as a cherished oasis of entertainment and family-friendly fun. Established on May 17, 1903, Camden Park is one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States, boasting a rich history and a timeless appeal. This charming amusement park beckons visitors with its classic Americana atmosphere and a wide array of thrilling rides, delightful attractions, and a calendar brimming with exciting festivals and events.

Camden Park’s allure is rooted in its dedication to preserving the charm of yesteryears, making it a quintessential destination for nostalgia enthusiasts. Among its key attractions, the Big Dipper roller coaster is a historic gem that has thrilled generations with its breathtaking twists and turns. Families can also enjoy the scenic railway, water rides, and a delightful carousel, all while being transported back to a bygone era. The park comes alive with vibrant festivals throughout the year, such as the Halloween Spooktacular and the enchanting Christmas Fantasy of Lights, adding seasonal magic to its offerings.

What is the history of Camden Park?

Camden Park, located in Huntington, West Virginia, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1903. It was originally conceived as an amusement park by the Camden Interstate Railway Company. Over the years, it evolved into a popular entertainment destination featuring amusement rides, games, and live entertainment. The park has undergone numerous changes and renovations, adapting to the needs and preferences of visitors, and remains a beloved attraction in the region.

Who owns Camden Park?

Camden Park was privately owned by the Boylin family. The Boylin family has been the steward of Camden Park for several decades, maintaining and managing the park’s operations.

Camden Park Map 2021

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