Charles Paddock Zoo Map and Brochure (2017 – 2023)

Location: Atascadero, California

Years Active: 1955 – Active

The Charles Paddock Zoo isn’t your standard zoological park. It’s small, tucked away in the California town of Atascadero. But it packs a punch – this zoo is all about endangered species. They’ve got tigers, lemurs, even adorable red pandas. It’s a little gem for animal lovers.

The zoo started small back in 1955. Now, it’s a big deal in the community. They don’t just show off animals – they’re focused on saving them. If you care about conservation, this is your place.

Want a real insider tip? Ditch the big crowds and go on a weekday. You’ll practically have the animals to yourself. Oh, and don’t miss their special events. They get pretty wild sometimes, in the best possible way.

How big is Charles Paddock Zoo?

The Charles Paddock Zoo, located in Atascadero, California, spans approximately 5 acres (2 hectares) in size. Established in 1955, this intimate zoo provides a habitat for over 100 animals, representing more than 45 species, including lemurs, red pandas, and a variety of avian species. Visitors can explore the zoo’s well-maintained exhibits and engage with conservation efforts through educational programs and exhibits.

Charles Paddock Zoo Map 2023

Charles Paddock Zoo Map 2018

Charles Paddock Zoo Map 2017

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