Charlie Cheese’s Map and Brochure (1980)

Location:  Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland

Years Active: 1981 – 1984

Charlie Cheese’s, located in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, opened its doors in 1976 and enchanted visitors until its closure in 1984. This captivating establishment celebrated a whimsical theme centered around cheese and mice, offering a unique blend of entertainment and dining.

From its animatronic characters, including the beloved Charlie Cheese, to its array of thrilling attractions like arcade games and a vibrant carousel, the venue provided endless amusement for guests of all ages. Festivals like the “CheeseFest Extravaganza” added an extra layer of excitement to this beloved destination, drawing crowds from near and far. Though it closed in 1984, Charlie Cheese’s continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those who cherished the enchanting world it brought to Surfer’s Paradise.

Is Charlie Cheese’s Pizza Playhouse still open?

Charlie Cheese’s Pizza Playhouse closed its doors in 1984. This family entertainment and pizza restaurant chain ceased its operations and has not been in business since that time.

Charlie Cheese’s Brochure 1980

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