Chena Hot Springs Resort Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Years Active: 1905 – Active

Listen, Chena Hot Springs Resort isn’t some fancy spa hiding in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s got history – over a century’s worth! – and a serious focus on geothermal power. They don’t just talk about being eco-friendly; they live it.

Those hot springs? Forget those staged photos. Picture this, steaming water, maybe snow falling, and you’re just…soaking. It’s a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. The later you go, the better. Crowds clear out, and if you’re lucky, the Northern Lights make an appearance.

But here’s the thing people don’t always mention, the Aurora Ice Museum. It’s like stepping into a frozen wonderland. They’ve got these massive ice sculptures lit up like a nightclub. Plus, they host this wild ice carving competition – artists from all over battling it out.

Yeah, you can hike and all that outdoorsy Alaska stuff too. But Chena Hot Springs is popular for a reason – it’s not your typical resort. Word of warning, it ain’t cheap, and it gets busy. But if you want an Alaskan experience that sticks with you, well, this is it.

Who owns Chena Hot Springs Resort?

Chena Hot Springs Resort is owned by Bernie Karl and Connie Parks. Located in Alaska, USA, it has been a popular destination since the early 20th century. The resort features natural geothermal hot springs, an ice museum, and various recreational activities, making it a renowned tourist attraction in the region.

What is the second largest hot spring in the world?

The second largest hot spring in the world is the Boiling Lake in Dominica, a Caribbean island nation. Boiling Lake is a natural volcanic hot spring and is renowned for its impressive size and intense boiling activity. It measures approximately 200 feet (61 meters) in diameter and emits plumes of steam and gas due to its extremely high temperatures.

Which country has the most hot springs?

Japan boasts the highest number of hot springs in the world. Known as “onsen” in Japanese, these natural geothermal hot springs are abundant throughout the country, thanks to its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Japan’s culture and tourism industry heavily embrace these hot springs, making them an integral part of Japanese life and a significant tourist attraction, offering therapeutic benefits and relaxation to visitors.

Chena Hot Springs Resort Map 2023


  1. Writing you from Greenfield, Wisconsin…Spent 4 days at your resort in 2020…Excellent time…Excellent food..Excellent hotel accomodations…We were a little more mobile at that time…My wife is in a wheelchair with limited walking…Besides the great time we had at your resort, now we are looking at returning, possibly May 22-26…Tentative time frame…We would fly right into fairbanks…So far, what I am reading is that the Hot Springs Lake is wheelchair accessible…My wife loved the hot springs (outside) and would not want to miss out…I remember you have an inside facility also…We visited both..I have a Fairbanks Visitors Guide…Information helps…Trying to find a hard cover Chena Hot River Springs brochure…
    Any information you can send is appreciated…
    Gary D.
    If not, I am sure to call your place an ask some questions…Thank you…
    I am a United States Coast Guard Veteran (1967-73) and spent a lot of my service time in Seward, alaska.

    1. Hey Gary, thanks for your service! Thanks for checking out our Chena Hot Springs Resort Map page, but we are not affiliated with them. You can reach them by calling (907) 451-8104 or by visiting their website at I did some research and this is what I found regarding accessibility: “The hot springs lake (ages 18+) is handicap-accessible with assistance.There is a wheelchair available to use for guests needing it to roll into the hot springs lake.” and this, regarding the Moose Lodge rooms: “HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE ACCOMMODATIONS – The Moose Lodge features 2 handicapped accessible rooms. They have one queen bed and an accessible bathroom. They feature all the same conveniences as a regular Moose Lodge Room.” Thanks again for getting in touch and enjoy your Chena Hot Springs Resort vacation!

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