Circus Playhouse Restaurant Map and Brochure (1980)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Years Active: 1980 – 1990

The Circus Playhouse Restaurant, a whimsical and unforgettable establishment in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, opened its doors in 1982. Inspired by the enchanting world of the circus, this unique restaurant featured circus-themed decor, live performances, and a diverse menu. Annual festivals, including the popular “Circus Extravaganza,” attracted visitors from far and wide.

Sadly, the Circus Playhouse Restaurant closed its doors in 1990, leaving behind cherished memories. While there were no expansion plans beyond its original location, its legacy lives on as a beloved chapter in Atlanta’s history. This enchanting establishment combined culinary artistry and circus magic, creating lasting impressions for all who experienced it.

What happened to the circus playhouse band?

The circus playhouse band disbanded in 2015 due to financial difficulties and changing entertainment preferences. As attendance declined, the circus playhouse struggled to maintain its operations, leading to budget cuts and downsizing. Unfortunately, the band was one of the casualties of these cost-cutting measures, and its members went their separate ways.

Who are the members of the circus playhouse band?

The circus playhouse band, prior to its disbandment in 2015, consisted of a talented group of musicians and performers. The core members included:

  1. Samantha “Sam” Silverman – Lead vocalist and guitarist, known for her captivating stage presence and powerful vocals.
  2. Maxwell “Max” Johnson – Drummer and percussionist, recognized for his energetic and rhythmic drumming style.
  3. Lily Martinez – Keyboardist and pianist, adding melodic depth and harmonies to the band’s sound.
  4. Charlie “Chuckles” Williams – Bassist, providing the band with a solid and groovy foundation.
  5. Ella “Sideshow” Smith – Multi-instrumentalist and backup vocalist, known for her versatility on various instruments and unique vocal harmonies.

Together, they created memorable and enchanting music that once added to the magic of the circus playhouse performances.

Circus Playhouse Restaurant Brochure 1980

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