Connecticut Trolley Museum Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: East Windsor, Connecticut

Years Active: 1940 – Active

The Connecticut Trolley Museum lets you jump aboard actual trolleys from another time. These aren’t just displays ā€“ they’re time machines! The rumble of the tracks, the clang of the bellā€¦ it’s way better than any history textbook.

This place isn’t only for trolley nerds (though they’ll love it, too!). Winterfest is their secret weapon. Imagine those vintage trolleys decked out in thousands of twinkling lights. It’s pure magic.

Think history is stuffy? Think again. The Connecticut Trolley Museum is a blast from the past, with a side of holiday cheer if you visit at the right time. If you want a museum that feels more like an adventure, this is your spot.

Connecticut Trolley Museum Map 2023

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