Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Years Active: 2006 – Active

Imagine a place where science feels like magic and stories come to life. That’s Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, a wonderland of learning tucked into the heart of Salt Lake City.

Forget quiet hallways. Kids invent, build, and experiment with a joyful energy that fills the air. In the Exploration Hall, gears whirr and lights flash – who knew building your own contraption could be this much fun? Over in the Story Factory, whispers turn into tales as kids step onto a stage fit for kings, queens, and maybe even a friendly dragon or two.

Discovery Gateway isn’t just about what they have…it’s about those moments that take your breath away. A giant bubble shimmering in the sunlight. The pure glee on your child’s face as they make something amazing.

Check out their special events. Imagine an entire festival dedicated to bubbles or a winter wonderland built indoors. Discovery Gateway is where childhood dreams get their wings.

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum Map 2023

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum Map 2022

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