Disney All Star Sports Resort Map and Brochure (2014 – 2023)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1994 – Active

Calling all sports fanatics and Disney diehards! If you crave nonstop action and don’t mind trading fancy for fun, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort could be your perfect game plan. Imagine waking up surrounded by giant tennis rackets and oversized surfboards!

This place is a whirlwind of energy. Kids will go wild for the sports-themed rooms while you’ll appreciate saving some major cash for those must-buy Mickey ears. Sure, it might not be the most serene spot on Disney property, but who needs quiet when you’re this close to the magic?

Insider Tip: Want a break from the crowds? Check out the football field! It’s often empty and perfect for tossing a frisbee or letting the kids burn off some energy. Think of it as your own private Disney sports arena.

Disney All Star Sports Resort Map 2023

Disney All Star Sports Resort Map 2015

Disney All Star Sports Resort Map 2014

What are the sections at All-Star Sports?

Disney’s All-Star Sports resort has five themed sections: Surf’s Up, Hoops Hotel, Center Court, Touchdown!, and Homerun Hotel. Each section celebrates a popular sport with oversized icons and colorful decor.

Where are the preferred rooms at Disney All-Star Sports?

Preferred rooms at Disney’s All-Star Sports resort are located closest to Stadium Hall, the main building that houses the lobby, food court, and bus transportation. These rooms offer convenient access to the resort’s amenities and minimize walking distances.

Can you walk between All Star Resorts?

You can walk between Disney’s All-Star Sports, Music, and Movies resorts. The three resorts are connected by walkways, providing a pleasant stroll between the destinations.

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