Disney Springs Map and Brochure (2018 – 2023)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1975 – Active

Remember Downtown Disney? It’s evolved into Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort! Expect the same lively atmosphere with shops, restaurants, and plenty of Disney-infused fun.

Disney Springs promises more than just souvenir shops and character meals. It’s a sprawling spot with a surprising edge, a place to find unique experiences you wouldn’t expect from the typical Disney bubble.

Think trendy boutiques, world-class dining, and live entertainment that goes beyond costumed performers. Sure, you’ll find some of that classic Disney charm, but there’s a grown-up twist here.

Want to sip craft cocktails?


Looking for shops that are actually cool?

Yep, they exist!

Insider tip: If you crave a touch of Disney magic without the crowds, catch the Aerophile balloon ride. You’ll soar above Disney Springs with breathtaking views – a secret most visitors miss!

Disney Springs Map 2023

Disney Springs Map 2022

Disney Springs Map 2019

Disney Springs Map 2018

Is Disney Springs the same as Lake Buena Vista?

Disney Springs was formerly known as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village. The area forms part of the city of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, but it has been rethemed and renamed several times over the years. While located within Lake Buena Vista, Disney Springs is now a distinct, expansive entertainment, dining, and shopping district.

Is Disney in Lake Buena Vista or Orlando?

Walt Disney World Resort, including its theme parks and Disney Springs, is situated on property spanning both Lake Buena Vista and Orlando, Florida. The cities are very close together, and the resort property itself acts as a bridge between the two.

What is so special about Disney Springs?

Disney Springs offers a unique blend of world-class shopping, diverse dining options, and vibrant entertainment experiences. Unlike the Disney theme parks, admission to Disney Springs is free, and boasts a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere. It serves as a lively hub of activity within the Walt Disney World Resort.

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