Disney World Blizzard Beach Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Bay Lake, Florida

Years Active: 1995 – Active

Tired of the same old theme park routine? Skip the princesses and castles. Dive headfirst into Blizzard Beach, Disney World’s coolest water park. It’s a snowstorm in Florida (sort of). A freak (fake) blizzard hit, creating a ski resort that mysteriously melted into a water wonderland.

Craving epic thrills without the stomach-churning drops? Take a raft ride down Summit Plummet – it’s the tallest and fastest in the park. Feeling more relaxed? Cruise down Cross Country Creek, the longest water park ride in Disney World. It’s basically a lazy river on steroids, winding through the park for nearly a mile.

Here’s a secret weapon for shorter lines: most people swarm the big slides. Head for the smaller attractions like Downhill Double Dipper for a surprising burst of excitement (and way less waiting). Bonus tip: Keep an eye out for Ski Patrol flags on your raft ride down Summit Plummet. Spot all five for a hidden Mickey surprise!

Disney World Blizzard Beach Map 2023

Disney World Blizzard Beach Map 2022

Disney World Blizzard Beach Map 2021

Disney World Blizzard Beach Map 2019

What happened to Disney Blizzard Beach?

Disney’s Blizzard Beach remains open and fully operational at Walt Disney World Resort. The park occasionally undergoes temporary closures for routine refurbishment or in the case of inclement weather. Due to Florida’s seasonal weather patterns, Disney sometimes alternates opening schedules between Blizzard Beach and its other water park, Typhoon Lagoon.

What is the story behind Blizzard Beach?

Blizzard Beach has a whimsical backstory! Imagine a freak Florida snowstorm hitting a ski resort, causing it to melt into a playful water park. The melting ski slopes became thrilling water slides, the chairlift transports guests to the park’s summit, and the ski lodge is now the central hub for food and shopping.

Are there Disney characters at Blizzard Beach?

While you won’t usually find traditional character meet-and-greets at Blizzard Beach, the park embraces Disney’s fun spirit. The park mascot, Ice Gator, is a friendly face around the park. You’ll find nods to beloved Disney films like “Frozen” in the Tike’s Peak play area and plenty of opportunities to spot hidden Mickeys throughout the park.

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