Disney World Coronado Springs Map and Brochure (2008 – 2023)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1997 – Active

Tired of the same old Disney experience? Coronado Springs Resort offers a refreshingly vibrant escape. Leave the tiaras and pixie dust behind – this resort celebrates the bold spirit of Spanish explorers and the rich cultures of Mexico and the American Southwest.

Expect dazzling architecture, fiery flavors from its restaurants, and a sprawling pool inspired by a lost Mayan city. The atmosphere leans more grown-up while still brimming with Disney magic. Think of it as the ideal spot for adults looking for a touch of sophistication alongside their Mickey Mouse fix.

Insider Tip: Seek out the hidden “Jaguar Grotto” tucked away in the resort’s massive Dig Site pool complex. Legend says the grotto was an ancient ceremonial spot for Mayan swimmers. Don’t be surprised if it feels a little too real at first!

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When did the Disney Coronado Springs open?

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort opened on August 1, 1997. The resort is located in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area of Walt Disney World and offers a convention center along with its moderate-level accommodations.

What is Disney’s Coronado Springs modeled after?

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort draws its inspiration from American colonial Spanish architecture and the cultures of the American Southwest and Mexico, including the ancient Mayans. This influence is seen in the buildings’ design, the landscaping, and the overall ambiance of the resort.

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