Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Map and Brochure (2013 – 2023)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1999 – Active

Disney diehards, want a budget-friendly way to get your Disney fix? Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort could be your answer. Imagine walking into the worlds of “Toy Story,” “Fantasia,” and more! Think giant movie icons, themed pools, and a blast of cheerful Disney energy.

Let’s be real: It’s not the Ritz-Carlton. You get simple rooms, quick eats, and those essential Disney buses to the parks. But it’s pure Disney fun on a budget.

Insider Tip: Want to snag a retro arcade experience? Head to the game room in Cinema Hall – they sometimes even have classic, rarely seen cabinets!

Bottom line: Want to live that Disney magic without breaking the bank? All-Star Movies is worth a look. Need five-star luxury and pampering? This ain’t it.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Map 2023

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Map 2021

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Map 2016

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Map 2013

What park is closest to the All-Star Movies?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is the closest to Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. Complimentary bus transportation makes travel between the resort and all of Disney’s theme parks easy and convenient.

Which rooms are preferred at All-Star Movies?

Preferred rooms at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort are located closer to the main building, Cinema Hall, which houses the World Premiere Food Court, lobby, and bus transportation. These rooms offer a shorter walk to amenities, making them a popular choice for guests.

Does the rooms in All-Star Movies have a refrigerator?

Standard rooms at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort do not include refrigerators. However, guests can request a mini-fridge for a small daily fee or consider upgrading to a suite which may include a refrigerator.

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