Disney’s Beach Club Resort Map and Brochure (2005 – 2023)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1990 – Active

Disney’s Beach Club Resort might just be the perfect spot if you like a side of relaxation with your theme park thrills. The vibe here is pure coastal chill – think sand, swaying palms, and a hint of old-school New England charm. Location-wise, you’re super close to both Hollywood Studios (hello, Star Wars!) and EPCOT with all its unique food and festivals.

But here’s the thing: Beach Club isn’t all sunshine and Mickey ears. The rooms can feel a tad dated compared to some of the newer Disney resorts. However, the pool is where it’s at! They’ve got a giant sandy lagoon that’s honestly worth the hype.

Insider tip: Skip the line at Stormalong Bay (the pool) by arriving later in the evening. It’s less crowded, and sometimes they even project Disney movies on a big screen by the water!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Map 2023

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Map 2020

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Map 2019

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Map 2018

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Map 2005

Do Beach Club Club Level rooms have balconies?

Some Beach Club Club Level rooms have balconies, but not all. Balcony availability depends on the specific room category and location within the resort. Club Level rooms with balconies are a desirable upgrade for the additional outdoor space and potential views.

What is the difference between Yacht and Beach Club at Disney?

The Yacht Club and Beach Club are sister resorts with a shared location, but they have distinct themes and atmospheres. The Yacht Club evokes the style of classic New England seaside resorts, with a more formal and elegant feel. The Beach Club has a lighter, more whimsical aesthetic inspired by Victorian-era beach cottages.

Is Disney Beach Club a moderate resort?

Disney’s Beach Club is classified as a Deluxe resort. Deluxe resorts offer premium amenities like top-tier dining options, larger guest rooms, elaborate pools, and convenient locations within the Walt Disney World complex.

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