Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map and Brochure (2014 – 2023)

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Years Active: 1988 – Active

Ever dream of escaping the theme park crowds for a beach day without leaving Disney property? Caribbean Beach Resort might be your ticket. Picture this: hammocks swaying between palm trees, the smell of jerk chicken in the air, and a whole lot of tropical color everywhere you look.

Don’t expect the Ritz-Carlton here. This place is more about the carefree island spirit than fancy finishes. But hey, who needs a chandelier when you’ve got a giant pirate-themed pool, right?

Insider Tip: Want a secret spot to unwind? Search out the Fuentes del Morro pool. It’s tucked away in the Trinidad section of the resort and usually way less crowded.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map 2023

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map 2019

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map 2018

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map 2014

When did Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort open?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort officially opened on October 1, 1988. This made it the first resort in Disney World’s “moderate” price category, offering a more affordable option while maintaining a distinctively Disney experience. The resort features a tropical theme throughout its colorful villages.

How big is Disney Caribbean Beach Resort?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort covers a substantial 200 acres. The resort is designed with several distinct villages inspired by various Caribbean islands, offering guests a diverse and immersive atmosphere. This expansive layout provides plenty of space for the resort’s numerous amenities and activities.

Is the Caribbean Beach Resort pool heated?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort offers heated pools for guest enjoyment. The main pool, Fuentes del Morro Pool, and all other quiet pools throughout the resort maintain comfortable temperatures year-round. This ensures guests can swim comfortably regardless of the season.

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