Djakarta Warehouse Project Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Years active: 2008 – Active

Djakarta Warehouse Project is pure EDM chaos. Think massive crowds, relentless beats, and mind-blowing production. This Indonesian festival is a sweaty, neon-soaked party that’ll leave you begging for more.

Forget polished perfection – DWP is raw energy. If you’re not down for jostling crowds and music that rattles your bones, this ain’t your scene.

Insider tip: Jakarta traffic is brutal. Stay within walking distance if you can, or you’ll be stuck in gridlock.

DWP is where you come to lose yourself in the music. If that sounds like your jam, book now. This festival sells out fast.

Where is the Djakarta Warehouse Project 2023?

The Djakarta Warehouse Project 2023 is a music festival held in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the most prominent electronic dance music (EDM) festivals in Southeast Asia, attracting thousands of music enthusiasts and partygoers from across the globe.

Where is Djakarta Warehouse Project located?

The Djakarta Warehouse Project is located in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Specifically, it takes place at a venue within the Jakarta metropolitan area, typically a large open space or event center conducive to hosting music festivals and large-scale electronic music events.

How many people are in the Djakarta Warehouse Project?

The attendance at the Djakarta Warehouse Project varies from year to year, but it typically draws tens of thousands of attendees. This festival is known for its massive crowds, with electronic music fans and festivalgoers converging to enjoy performances by top international and local EDM artists, making it one of the largest music events in the region.

Djakarta Warehouse Project Map 2023

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