Double JJ Resort Map and Brochure (2021 – 2022)

Location: Rothbury, Michigan

Years Active: 1937 – Active

Double JJ Resort is a blast from the past – in the best possible way. It’s got that old-school waterpark smell, you know, the one that screams summer vacation? And their lazy river? It’s actually meant for chilling out. Plus, they’ve got this vintage wooden coaster called the Gold Rush – here’s the secret, hop in the back car for the craziest ride!

It’s not about being fancy or perfect at Double JJ. It’s about letting loose and having a blast. Your kids will be in waterslide heaven, and you’ll finally get to relax. If you’re craving a theme park experience that feels like a real getaway, not a stressful marathon, Double JJ Resort is your spot.

Who Owns Double JJ?

Double JJ Resort is owned by the Antor family. The resort, located in Rothbury, Michigan, has been under the management of the Antor family for several decades, ensuring a legacy of hospitality and quality service.

How Big is the JJ Ranch?

The JJ Ranch encompasses over 2,000 acres of sprawling land in Rothbury, Michigan. This expansive property offers a wide range of recreational activities and accommodations, making it a popular destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and event planners alike.

Double JJ Resort Map 2022

Double JJ Resort Map 2021

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