Downtown Aquarium Texas Map and Brochure (2016 – 2023)

Location: Houston, Texas

Years Active: 2003 – Active

Okay, the Downtown Aquarium isn’t hiding in some lush, secret grotto. It plops itself right in the middle of Houston’s bustle, which means traffic and crowds. BUT, it’s got that weird kind of magic that makes it all worth it.

Imagine this sharks circling above you, stingrays gliding by at your fingertips, and more colorful fish than you can count. This place is loud, a little chaotic, and totally mesmerizing. Insider tip: skip the weekend rush. Hit it up on a Tuesday if you can – way more space to soak up the underwater vibes.

Feeling adventurous? Take a spin on the Shark Voyage train. It’s kinda cheesy, but those sharks get REAL close. And hey, if the underwater world gets overwhelming, check out the white tigers. Yeah, I know, not exactly ‘ocean’…but still super cool.

The Downtown Aquarium won’t give you that perfectly curated experience. But it WILL give you unexpected thrills and memories that stick with you long after you leave.

How much does it cost to go to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston?

Admission prices for the Downtown Aquarium in Houston typically range from $13.99 to $21.99 per person, varying based on age and whether tickets are purchased online or at the gate. Additional charges apply for certain attractions and activities within the aquarium complex.

How long do people spend at Downtown Aquarium Houston?

Visitors to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston typically spend around 2 to 3 hours exploring the various exhibits, attractions, and dining options. The duration may vary based on individual interests and the crowd level during the visit.

What rides are at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston?

The Downtown Aquarium in Houston features several exciting rides, including the Aquatic Carousel, Shark Voyage, and Frog Hopper. These attractions offer thrilling experiences for visitors of all ages, adding an extra dimension of entertainment to the aquarium visit.

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