Dreamland on the Bear Cave Map and Brochure (2019 – 2024)

Location: Sonnenbühl, Germany

Years Active: 1974 – Active

Dreamland on the Bear Cave isn’t your standard theme park. It’s tucked away in the German countryside, built around a real, mysterious cave. Forget the usual shiny rides and cartoon mascots. Here, it’s about nature with a dash of old-school thrills.

They’ve been around since 1974, so Dreamland knows how to deliver a good time. Expect classic rides that get your heart pumping. There are also charming kiddie zones for the little ones. Pro tip: avoid peak weekends – the park’s popularity means lines can get long.

Dreamland keeps things interesting with festivals all year round. Think local food, quirky traditions… a side of Germany you won’t find in guidebooks. It’s the perfect place to make memories, even if you’re the type who scoffs at traditional theme parks.

Dreamland on the Bear Cave Map 2024

Dreamland on the Bear Cave Map 2022

Dreamland on the Bear Cave Map 2019

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