Edaville Family Theme Park Map and Brochure (2019)

Location: Carver, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1947 – Active

Edaville Family Theme Park, situated in the scenic town of Carver, Massachusetts, has been a cherished destination since its grand opening on October 17, 1947. Nestled amidst picturesque cranberry bogs and lush forests, this park offers a quintessential New England experience. Edaville Family Theme Park is celebrated for its family-friendly atmosphere and immersive theme centered around railways and locomotives, providing a unique blend of nostalgia and excitement for all who visit.

At the heart of Edaville’s appeal are its iconic train rides, notably the Cranberry Junction Railroad, offering captivating journeys through the park’s beautiful landscapes, providing a glimpse into the region’s rich history and natural beauty. The park also features a wide range of other attractions, from thrilling amusement rides to interactive play areas, ensuring endless entertainment for visitors of all ages.

With recent visitor statistics consistently showing a growing number of attendees, Edaville continues to be a beloved destination for families seeking wholesome entertainment and lasting memories. Looking ahead, the park has ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, promising even more enchantment and adventure for generations of visitors.

What happened to Thomas Land Edaville?

Thomas Land at Edaville Family Theme Park, located in Carver, Massachusetts, underwent a transformation in 2015. The park rebranded itself as “Edaville Family Theme Park” and expanded its offerings beyond just Thomas and Friends-themed attractions. This change allowed the park to incorporate a wider range of family-friendly rides and activities while still maintaining the beloved Thomas Land section.

Edaville Family Theme Park Map 2019

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