Fantawild Adventure Wuhu Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Wuhu, China

Years Active: 2007 – Active

Fantawild Adventure Wuhu is a massive theme park, and if you love crowds, it’s the place for you! This place gets packed, especially during peak seasons and holidays. Expect long lines at the popular rides – think “Dragon’s Descent.” Want to beat the crowds? Insider tip: Hit the big roller coasters first thing in the morning or during scheduled parades and shows.

Sure, Fantawild offers the standard theme park thrills. Roller coasters, kiddie rides, the usual. But they also host really unique Chinese cultural shows and festivals. They can be a refreshing change from the typical theme park fare.

Want a bit of controversy? The food inside is pricey and not all that great. Save some cash by packing your own snacks. Also, be ready for some less-than-magical customer service. It’s China – efficiency is valued more than a big American smile.

Where is Fantawild?

Fantawild is a prominent chain of theme parks in China. The Fantawild brand operates multiple amusement parks across different provinces in China. These parks offer a wide range of attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, live performances, and themed areas. Fantawild parks are known for their immersive and creative experiences, making them popular destinations for both domestic and international visitors.

Fantawild Adventure Wuhu Map 2023

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