Fraispertuis City Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Jeanménil, France

Years Active: 1966 – Active

Fraispertuis City isn’t Disneyland. It’s smaller, a bit older, and that’s part of the charm. This place feels authentically Western – a little rough around the edges, just like you’d imagine. The Timber Drop coaster is a must. It’s loud, a bit rickety, and way more thrilling than it looks! Looking for a soaking? The Grand Canyon ride delivers on that promise.

Fraispertuis City does special events right. Their Halloween nights are surprisingly scary – maybe leave the very young kids at home for that one. They also go all-out for Christmas.

The lines get long. Hit the big rides in the morning or late afternoon. Food is standard theme-park fare – overpriced and not great. Pack snacks if you can. Also, watch the website for ticket deals!

Fraispertuis City Map 2023

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