Freizeitpark Schloß Beck Map and Brochure (2018 – 2022)

Location: Bottrop, Germany

Years Active: 1777 – Active

Had enough of the usual theme park chaos? The towering coasters, the screaming crowds, the sensory overload? It’s time to trade predictable thrills for something a little more… charming. Freizeitpark Schloß Beck in Germany is the quirky antidote to the modern mega-park.

Don’t expect cutting-edge tech or adrenaline-pumping drops here. Instead, find yourself grinning on a classic log flume or taking a spin on a beautifully restored carousel. This park is about simple pleasures, whimsical attractions, and a delightful sense of nostalgia.

Insider Tip: Ditch the map and wander until you find the “Bermuda Triangle.” It’s not what you expect – think less terrifying plunge and more a delightfully retro maze filled with surprises. It perfectly captures the unique spirit of this place.

If you’re ready for a theme park experience that feels like a warm hug rather than an adrenaline rush, Freizeitpark Schloß Beck is your ticket to a different kind of fun.

What city is Freizeitpark Schloß Beck in?

Freizeitpark Schloß Beck is located in the city of Bottrop, Germany. Specifically, it resides within the Kirchhellen district of the city. The amusement park surrounds a beautiful Baroque castle known as Schloss Beck.

Who owns Freizeitpark Schloß Beck?

Freizeitpark Schloß Beck is a family-owned amusement park. It is currently owned and operated by the Tengelmann family, a prominent name in German retail.

Freizeitpark Schloß Beck Map 2022

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