Geyser Falls Water Theme Park Map and Brochure (2023 – 2021)

Location: Choctaw, Tennessee

Years Active: 2005 – Active

Geyser Falls Water Park in Choctaw, Tennessee – it’s been around almost 20 years, and locals have mixed feelings. Sure, it’s a classic way to beat the heat. Rides like Geyser Flats will get your heart pounding. The Crystal Springs Wave Pool is chill if you’re into that.

It gets seriously crowded, especially on weekends. Food is overpriced, just like any theme park. And honestly, the place is showing its age a bit.

Does Geyser Falls have a lazy river?

Geyser Falls, a water park located in Choctaw, Mississippi, does indeed feature a relaxing lazy river for visitors to enjoy. This lazy river offers a leisurely water ride, allowing guests to float along in inner tubes while taking in the scenic surroundings and gentle currents. It provides a tranquil break from the park’s more adventurous water attractions.

How many slides does Geyser Falls have?

Geyser Falls boasts an impressive array of water slides, with a total of 12 slides in the park. These slides cater to a variety of thrill levels, ranging from fast-paced, twisting and turning slides for the adrenaline seekers to gentler options suitable for families and children. Each slide offers a unique experience, adding to the excitement and enjoyment of the water park.

Can you bring coolers in Geyser Falls?

Geyser Falls does not permit outside coolers or food and beverages to be brought into the park. However, the park offers various dining options and food vendors where visitors can purchase refreshments and meals during their visit. This policy ensures the safety and cleanliness of the park while also supporting its amenities and services for the convenience of all guests.

Geyser Falls Water Theme Park Map 2023

Geyser Falls Water Theme Park Map 2021

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