Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Years Active: 2003 – Active

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is awesome in a weird, offbeat kind of way. Think breathtaking caves crammed right next to wild roller coasters. You get incredible views and serious thrills, all with a slightly chaotic twist.

Let’s be honest, this place ain’t perfect. The lines are long, the prices are kinda steep, and sometimes the whole experience feels a bit…homemade? But that’s part of its charm.

Forget the kiddie rides (unless you’ve got little ones). Go straight for the big stuff – the Haunted Mine Drop, the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster… and especially the Giant Canyon Swing. That thing is nuts! Also, the cave tours are surprisingly cool, even with the corny jokes from the guides. Glenwood Caverns is about letting go, embracing the weirdness, and having a blast that’s totally unlike anything else out there.

What is the history of Glenwood Adventure Park?

Glenwood Adventure Park, formerly known as Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Established in 1999, the park is situated atop Iron Mountain and offers a unique combination of thrilling amusement park rides and the natural wonder of cave tours. The park’s history dates back to the discovery of the Fairy Caves in the late 19th century, which led to the development of cave tours. Over time, the park expanded to include various attractions such as a tramway, alpine coaster, and the Haunted Mine Drop, making it a popular destination for both adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts.

What state is Glenwood Caverns?

Glenwood Caverns, now known as Glenwood Adventure Park, is situated in the state of Colorado, USA. Specifically, it is located in Glenwood Springs, a charming mountain town in the western part of Colorado. The park’s unique location atop Iron Mountain provides visitors with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River Valley.

What is the highest roller coaster in Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park?

The highest roller coaster in Glenwood Adventure Park is the “Giant Canyon Swing.” While not a traditional roller coaster, it offers an exhilarating experience as riders are suspended over the edge of a cliff, swinging out at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour at an elevation of 1,300 feet above the Colorado River. This thrilling attraction provides an adrenaline-pumping adventure while showcasing the park’s breathtaking mountainous backdrop.

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