Great Wolf Lodge Water Park – Mason Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Mason, Ohio

Years Active: 2006 – Active

Forget the brochures—Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, isn’t all sunshine and kiddie pools. Sure, it’s got the water park, the goofy Northwoods theme…but prepare for crowds. Especially during holidays, the place gets packed. Still, if you’re ready for that, the fun can be worth it.

The water slides are the real deal. Some are scary-fast, others are perfect for little ones. Lazy river? It gets jammed up. Plan to hit those bigger slides early or late to avoid the worst lines. And those festivals they hype? Some are super cheesy, but others are a blast. Check their website for the schedule—some you don’t want to miss.

How many rooms are at Great Wolf Lodge Mason?

Great Wolf Lodge Mason features a total of 401 guest rooms. These rooms offer various accommodations suitable for families, including standard suites, themed suites, and premium suites. Each room is designed to provide comfort and convenience for guests during their stay at the lodge.

When was Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio built?

Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, was built in the year 2006. Situated just minutes away from attractions like Kings Island and the Beach Waterpark, the lodge has been providing families with memorable experiences for over a decade. Its construction marked the establishment of a premier destination for family-friendly vacations in the region.

Who is the CEO of the Great Wolf Lodge?

The CEO of Great Wolf Lodge is Murray Hennessy. With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, Hennessy brings strategic leadership to the company. His vision drives the continued success and expansion of Great Wolf Lodge, ensuring it remains a leading destination for family entertainment and hospitality services.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park – Mason Map 2023

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park – Mason Map 2022

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