Gyeongju World Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Gyeongju, South Korea

Years Active: 1985 – Active

Okay, theme park junkies, listen up! If you’re tired of the same old glitz and polish, Gyeongju World in South Korea is about to rock your world. Imagine stepping back in time, exploring ancient history, and screaming yourself silly on rides that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

Yeah, Gyeongju World has a few wrinkles. But hey, who doesn’t? Its wooden rollercoaster might not break any speed records, but I guarantee that first drop will bring out a squeal you didn’t know you had.

Here’s the real deal: Gyeongju World isn’t just about thrills. Ever wanted to see a royal procession straight out of a history book? The Hwangnyonggyoseo will blow your mind – the costumes, the music… it’s the kind of experience that makes theme parks more than just rides.

How do I get to Gyeongju World?

To reach Gyeongju World, travelers can utilize various transportation modes. The most convenient method is by taking a taxi or utilizing public buses that specifically service the area. Additionally, visitors can opt for private transportation such as rental cars or rideshare services to access the park.

How much is Gyeongju World?

The entrance fee for Gyeongju World varies depending on factors such as age, ticket type, and any ongoing promotions. Typically, prices range from a base fee for adults to discounted rates for children and seniors. It’s advisable to check the official website or inquire at the park’s entrance for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Gyeongju World Map 2023

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