Heritage Museums & Gardens Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Sandwich, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1969 – Active

Okay, let’s talk about Heritage Museums & Gardens. Imagine your grandma’s favorite flower garden exploded in size, then someone parked a bunch of fancy old cars in it. Add a dash of American history, a sprinkle of kid-friendly nature stuff, and you’ve got the vibe.

Sound weird? It kinda is. But weird in a good way. The gardens are seriously stunning, especially if you’re a plant nerd. The car museum will make your grandpa drool if he’s into that classic chrome and shiny paint. And hey, kids actually seem to love Hidden Hollow™, where they can build forts and get messy.

Check out their website for weird events. Think antique toy shows or vintage car rallies. Might be boring, might be oddly fascinating – who knows!

Heritage Museums & Gardens won’t blow your mind with adrenaline. But if you’re up for a quirky, offbeat adventure with a side of natural beauty, it might just be your cup of tea (which they probably serve in a fancy tea room, by the way)

Heritage Museums & Gardens Map 2023

Heritage Museums & Gardens Map 2022

Heritage Museums & Gardens Sandwich Halloween Festival Map 2022

Heritage Museums & Gardens Map 2021

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