Indianapolis Zoo Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Years Active: 1964 – Active

The Indianapolis Zoo isn’t just another animal park. It’s a place where you connect with incredible creatures – and maybe yourself, too. Since 1964, they’ve been a big part of the Indianapolis community. You’ll find it nestled in White River State Park, a beautiful spot to spend the day.

Forget boring zoo experiences. The Indianapolis Zoo gets you up close. Check out the orangutans swinging wildly in their award-winning habitat, or watch dolphins playfully zooming through the water. They’re not just about showing off animals – the zoo actually helps save endangered species!

Want more than just strolling around? The Indianapolis Zoo has a packed calendar. Hit up “Christmas at the Zoo” for a magical holiday experience, or dress to impress for the fancy “Zoobilation” fundraiser. Word on the street is, they’re always expanding, too. That means even more reasons to come back again and again.

What is the Indianapolis Zoo famous for?

The Indianapolis Zoo is famous for its commitment to animal conservation and its dedication to providing a world-class experience for visitors. Established in 1964, it has garnered recognition for its innovative exhibits and educational programs. One of its most notable attractions is the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center, which is renowned for its pioneering approach to orangutan care and conservation. The zoo’s focus on conservation efforts, engaging exhibits, and interactive experiences make it a prominent institution in the field of zoological parks.

What happened to the old Indianapolis Zoo?

The old Indianapolis Zoo, known as the “Washington Park Zoo,” was established in 1928 and operated for several decades. However, due to outdated facilities and a desire to provide a more modern and engaging experience for both animals and visitors, the old zoo was closed in 1988. The new Indianapolis Zoo, situated in White River State Park, opened in 1988 to replace the outdated facility. The new zoo marked a significant transformation, featuring state-of-the-art exhibits, enhanced conservation efforts, and a renewed commitment to animal welfare and education.

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