Iowa State Fairgrounds Map and Brochure (2019 – 2022)

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Years Active: 1854 – Active

The Iowa State Fairgrounds aren’t fancy. But they’re a slice of real Americana, a whirlwind of farm life, fried food, and small-town vibes. This place has a heart and soul you won’t find at some corporate theme park.

It all goes down in August. Get ready for livestock competitions that could make city folks faint, rides that’ll spin you silly, and music stages pumping out everything from country to classic rock. Don’t miss the iconic Butter Cow, a marvel you won’t believe. But here’s the thing – the real gems are tucked away in the side exhibits. That’s where you find the quirky contests, the homemade pies, and the farmers who can talk your ear off about their giant hogs.

Come hungry, but be selective. The local 4-H kids have the best lemonade and the church ladies make killer cinnamon rolls. And yeah, the deep-fried…everything…is an experience. Maybe share those with a friend if you don’t want a heart attack and instant regret!

What is Iowa State Fair known for?

The Iowa State Fair is renowned for being one of the largest and oldest state fairs in the United States. It is celebrated for its rich agricultural heritage, showcasing livestock exhibits, agricultural competitions, and farm equipment displays. Additionally, the fair is famous for its diverse range of entertainment options, including musical performances, carnival rides, food vendors offering unique culinary delights, and a variety of cultural and educational exhibits.

Who owns the Iowa State Fairgrounds?

The Iowa State Fairgrounds are owned and operated by the Iowa State Fair Authority. This governmental entity oversees the planning, maintenance, and management of the fairgrounds to ensure the successful execution of the annual Iowa State Fair and other events held on the premises throughout the year.

How big are the Iowa State Fairgrounds?

The Iowa State Fairgrounds cover an expansive area of approximately 445 acres (180 hectares). This extensive space accommodates the multitude of attractions, exhibits, and activities that make the Iowa State Fair a grand and memorable event. The fairgrounds are strategically designed to provide ample room for livestock barns, exhibition halls, entertainment stages, and parking facilities, making it one of the most spacious fairgrounds in the country.

Iowa State Fairgrounds Map 2022

Iowa State Fairgrounds Map 2021

Iowa State Fairgrounds Map 2019

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