iPlay America Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Freehold, New Jersey

Years Active: 2011 – Active

iPlay America where the energy is high and the rules are loose! This place is a blast – think classic boardwalk vibes with a modern, amped-up twist. Expect flashing lights, a buzzing arcade, and rides that might make you question your lunch choices.

iPlay America isn’t just for kids. Their bar serves up surprisingly decent drinks, perfect for parents in need of a little liquid courage. Go ahead, order that margarita – you’ve earned it.

Let’s be real, some of the attractions are a bit dated. But who cares? Channel your inner child, embrace the cheesiness, and laugh along with it. iPlay America is all about letting go and having a ridiculously good time.

Who owns iPlay America Freehold NJ?

iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey, is owned and operated by the Nappi family. The Nappi family is a prominent business group with significant involvement in the entertainment and hospitality industry. Their ownership is central to the establishment and continued management of iPlay America.

How does iPlay America work?

iPlay America functions as an indoor family entertainment center offering a wide range of attractions and activities catering to visitors of all ages. The facility boasts an assortment of rides, arcade games, go-karts, laser tag, a 4D theater, and various other forms of entertainment. Visitors have the option to purchase tickets or wristbands, allowing them to access these attractions. Additionally, iPlay America hosts events, parties, and special promotions, providing a flexible and customizable experience for its guests.

Who are the owners of iPlay America?

The Nappi family, including founder and CEO Robert Nappi, are the principal owners and operators of iPlay America in Freehold, NJ. Their leadership and investment have been instrumental in elevating the facility to a prominent status, making it a favored destination for families seeking indoor entertainment and enjoyable experiences in the local area.

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