Jungala Aqua Experience Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Years Active: 2016 – Active

Craving adventure? Jungala Aqua Experience isn’t your average water park. Forget kiddie slides and tame floating. We’re about heart-pounding drops, twisting turns, and soaking wet thrills.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Jungala’s rides will test your courage and leave you exhilarated. But be warned, lines can get long. Here’s a pro tip: grab a locker early, especially on weekends. They fill up fast, and nobody wants to lug their belongings around all day.

When was Jungala built?

Jungala was built in 2016 as an immersive jungle-themed attraction within Vidanta Riviera Maya resort complex in Mexico. It offers visitors an adventurous experience with attractions like ziplines, water slides, and a jungle trekking trail.

Is Jungala part of Vidanta?

Jungala is indeed part of the Vidanta Riviera Maya resort complex. Vidanta is a prominent luxury resort developer in Mexico, and Jungala serves as one of its key attractions, offering guests an unparalleled blend of entertainment and natural beauty.

Jungala Aqua Experience Map 2023

Jungala Aqua Experience Map 2022

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