Jungle Jim’s International Market Map and Brochure (2019 – 2021)

Location: Fairfield, Ohio

Years Active: 1975 – Active

Jungle Jim’s International Market ain’t like any supermarket you’ve seen. It’s a chaotic wonderland bursting with global flavors. Exotic snacks? Check. Rare ingredients? Yep. It’s the size of a small town, so wear comfy shoes.

This place is a foodie’s dream. It’s not just about the groceries (although their selection IS insane). They throw crazy festivals year-round – think hot sauce challenges, international beer bashes, you name it.

What’s so special about Jungle Jim’s?

Jungle Jim’s is a renowned and unique grocery store chain located in Ohio, USA. What sets Jungle Jim’s apart is its massive size and eclectic selection. It boasts an extensive range of international and specialty foods, making it a destination for food enthusiasts. Shoppers can explore diverse sections such as a vast produce department, an international market, a beer and wine selection, and even themed displays like a jungle safari or an Egyptian tomb. Its commitment to providing an unparalleled shopping experience and its dedication to offering an astonishing variety of products make Jungle Jim’s truly special.

How many Jungle Jim’s are in Ohio?

There are two Jungle Jim’s locations in Ohio. The original Jungle Jim’s International Market is situated in Fairfield, Ohio, and it’s known for its sprawling size and diverse offerings. Another Jungle Jim’s location, known as Jungle Jim’s Eastgate, can be found in Eastgate, a suburb of Cincinnati. Both of these stores contribute to Jungle Jim’s reputation as a unique and exceptional grocery shopping destination in the state of Ohio.

Jungle Jim’s International Market 2021

Jungle Jim’s International Market 2019

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