Kidzania Seoul Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Years Active: 2010 – Active

Tired of the same old theme park thrills? Forget towering roller coasters and sticky snacks. Kidzania Seoul is where your kids step into the spotlight and take charge of their own adventure.

This isn’t some passive play area. It’s a full-blown mini-city! Kids tackle over 90 real-life jobs – from surgeon to K-pop star. They’ll learn new skills, earn their own “kidzo” currency, and have a blast doing it.

Insider tip: Forget the bakery or the fire station (those will be packed). Instead, head straight for the TV studio, where kids become on-air reporters or production crew for a live newscast. It’s an under-the-radar spot with maximum fun!

Does Korea have KidZania?

Yes, Korea has KidZania locations. KidZania is a popular global chain of educational entertainment parks where kids role-play various adult jobs and careers. You can find KidZania in these Korean cities:

  • Seoul: The largest KidZania in Korea.
  • Busan: Another popular KidZania location.

Kidzania Seoul Map 2023

Kidzania Seoul Map 2022

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